1/26/21 5:00PM

I forgot to add that because women like Kellyanne diet/starve themselves so skinny, they lose collegen that deflates their faces, so they get fillers and end up looking like:

1/22/21 11:03AM

Also, try to get your GOP representatives in Congress to NOT shut down the government during the next 4-8 years. It usually only fucks up people’s finances and you NEVER come out on top or win anything. Even when you are running 2 branches of the government. Read more

1/22/21 10:57AM

This country doesn’t deserve the grace that black people give it. After stealing our bodies for centuries of unpaid work, then after decades of attempting to keep black people as an underclass black people still are better Americans than white people because we have to be.  The grace that we give isn’t deserved by Read more