Jun 18 2018

One thing I’ve always do you get into these? How do you close the doors from the center seat? Does the steering wheel detach or tilt out of the way so you don’t have to contort your knees backwards to pour yourself into the driver’s seat?

Jun 18 2018

As far as I’m concerned, this is THE ultimate sports car. 680HP from a N/A V12 connected to a 6-speed manual transmission that revs to almost 8,000RPM with the center seat and the full interior with the high downforce package for better handling. I literally cannot think of a better expression of what a sports car can Read more

May 1 2018

So she sweres around what she thinks might be a baby in the middle of the road and keeps on driving? Babies can be in the road as long as you don’t hit them lol.

Jan 28 2018

I heard no idea there were road-going variations of the XJR-15, let alone any in the States!! I need to meet this guy!!

Nov 18 2017

I’m actually surprised these F1 cars go for such “low” prices. It’s a damn F1 car with a great history driven by arguably the most badass F1 driver. I was fully expecting these to go for $20m+. This thing will surely appreciate over the years.

Aug 28 2017

Meh. Every state would do the same thing. There have been multiple disasters and everyone picks up and rebuild. Has nothing to do with Texas. I cannot stand people who think their state is somehow better than everyone else’s it’s so asinine. Texans and New Yorkers might be the two worst about it.

Aug 19 2017

More than 7. Jay Leno has one, Ralph Lauren has a road car and an LM, theres two more road cars and an LM in Chicago. There’s a handful on the east and west coast as well.

Jul 31 2017

I never liked driving the 550i or the 7 series. They feel huge to me. Even the 335/340 was getting big by the time I stopped buying them. I’d take a 1M or M2 over these any day and save a fair hunk of change.

Jul 29 2017

I was a valet. I only every once revved an AMG up a bit and accelerated quickly to 30mph. We were parking cars about 1/2 mile from car drop area. It probably was frowned upon, but not too irresponsible.

Jul 3 2017

I was once a valet at a country club. You’re very kind to assume we didn’t exceed 5mph.

Jun 15 2017

There it is - magnificent and a bit stupid. I want it so bad.....

Apr 19 2017

I’m sure you’re quite talented compared to Jerry. /s