1/01/19 7:54PM

Yes mon, yaddie love dem Evo baaaad. Maddest car on di bloodclaat island! Also, it helps to distract from our atrocious banking situation.

4/06/18 5:49PM

Fuck cruise ships, or rather the companies that manage them. They are one of the largest sources of income for my country. However, the environmental responsibility seems to be thrown out the window. Raw sewage being dumped into our harbors, destruction of habitat to accommodate terminals, etc. Maybe the government is Read more

4/05/18 12:48PM

I hope it’s not too mainstream, but I’m fond of the TSX Wagon!

3/18/18 2:21PM

This is an example of great automotive engineering. I am intrigued by bike engine swaps into automobiles. However, I am too weak to modify the adorable Starlet.

3/13/18 7:30PM

The caldina is bigger but not big enough to be a different class vehicle. For comparison the caldina is similar in size to the Corolla G-Touring (wagon) as the Lexus GS is similar in size to the Toyota Crown Majesta. I get they are the same platform but I’m referring to size alone.

2/21/18 9:53PM

Oops didn’t realize the MLB platform stretched so far. Sorry, We’re just getting Macans here.

2/21/18 9:25PM

Here’s the problem Ralph. They aren’t buying them for the Off-road. They’re buying them because those off-road versions are often the top tier trim and thus can compete with luxury. I think what Porsche needs is a new SUV (CUV?). Based on the Q7. Sporty engine. Not sure but it could be done.

12/27/17 12:45AM

Na, it’s from when the airbag deployed, it apparently decided to collide with the windshield. Only person in the Ghibli was the driver.