The Bitterbitch
Feb 16 2018

“But but but.... I really am special. And I do hate drama. And I do know at least some sportsball terms. Did I mention I grew up as a tomboy? And that I’m perfectly comfortable being in gym shorts and a ratty T-shirt all the time? I mean, except when I choose to glam up. Then I do it and do it well. But I don’t feel Read more

Nov 23 2017

It has been a rough couple of months, you guys. My beautiful doggie died, I went through breast cancer treatment, and I have been so damn grumpy that I’m alienating my friends, culminating in an actual friend breakup this week by one I really really didn’t want to lose. Read more

Oct 17 2017

The local newspaper article explains that the instructions given to the jury said that a guilty verdict had to be unanimous but didn’t explicitly state that about a not guilty verdict. Therefore, they thought that if they couldn’t all agree on guilty, the verdict would be not guilty.

Oct 7 2017

The eurythmics and love shack are def in. I used similar songs to your other suggestions on a previous playlist. Great suggestions!