2:00 PM

That’s not a fox body. You’ve now angered the Mustang crowd. You should go into the witness protection program ASAP.

9:34 AM

On my Benz it was the same way. Once I had put my duffel bag in the trunk, I closed the trunk and it popped open immediately. I shut it again and again it popped open and I’m like WTF is wrong with the trunk?! Read more

5:05 PM

my parents taught me and my 2 brothers to never own a stickshift, they said we’d hate it, it’s too much work. they never taught us about engine braking. Read more

4:47 PM

You may save a marginal percentage more fuel by coasting, but why would you? You have less control, and in most states, it’s illegal to coast in neutral.

4:33 PM

Most cars since the advent of electronic fuel injection cut fuel flow while under a engine braking/negative load scenario. For visual reference, if you’ve ever been in a car that displays “instant” fuel mileage, you’ll typically see the display go to 99.9 as the injectors aren’t firing. Read more

7:13 PM

> I imagine, though, that people aren’t downloading this mod because they’re aesthetic purists. They want to stick it to the man, and this feels like a tiny middle finger they can deploy at will. Read more

7:06 PM

I had to have a tranny rebuild after hitting a small chunk of concrete (size of a pineapple). I was in 4th gear when I hit it and realized I shouldn’t shift into 5th. The debris hit the transmission housing and bent the shift shaft. Transmission fluid was leaking out the seal and I knew it was going to be over $1K Read more

5:13 PM

Look at it this way. It costs me X to produce a 75D. If I wanted to make a 60D, it would cost me more money and time in manufacturing to make 2 separate models/battery packs than is worth it. Instead, I’ll just make more 75Ds and software limit a few and sell them at a loss (the actual 60D) to bring people into the Read more

11:47 AM

This does sound lame, but it’s not quite “pay $0.99 to make Mario jump higher” bad. I do see why some would look at this as Bungie monetizing a player’s individuality, but I don’t completely understand paying actual money for cosmetics anyways. I’m not the avatar, I’m the guy sitting in front of a TV display diddling Read more

11:15 AM

I don’t mind cosmetic micro-transactions if they help developers continue to make good games, but I have problems with how they implement it. Read more

9:44 AM

Honestly, its been really gross watching companies try to push the line a little bit each time. This is a real problem that needs to be dealt with before it kills the industry.