I expected, given how the last episode went, that Grey Worm and Brienne were both as good as dead. Grey Worm because he was dreaming of his future with Missandei while the rest of them were more pessimistic, which is a classic set up to make someone’s death more of a punch in the gut, and Brienne because with her Read more

The Union Hill situation really warrants more attention. If Northam really wanted to prove he wasn’t racist, he would kill the pipeline or at least move the compressor station out of Union Hill. But the people behind the pipeline project, Dominion Energy, paid to put him in office, so that won’t be happening anytime Read more

Dick Saslaw, a notoriously corrupt right-wing Democratic state senator issued a “boys will be boys” sort of defense. 

I’m wondering if there’s anyone out there who thinks that for a man to be a predator he has to assault every single woman he comes into contact with. Al Franken’s supporters did the same thing of having a bunch of women sign a letter that he didn’t do anything to him, and Cosby’s supporters have always latched onto Read more

There were some fantastic segments in the show, but I feel like on many occasions there were gags that could’ve been amazing if SBC had just scaled back his character a little bit and let his mark meet him halfway. Some of these bits almost reminded me of late aughts 4chan trolling operations where they’d target Read more

If Trump or anyone else associated with him had watched any of the three seasons of The Apprentice that Omarosa appeared on they would’ve seen this coming. Maybe this is proof that the whole show was fake and it just so happened Omarosa, unlike the rest of them, was playing herself. 

My concern with what they’re doing is actually that they’re basically handing pedophiles a defense for what should be an open and shut case. There was a well publicized case in Florida of a woman named Dalia Dippolito who was caught in an on-camera sting trying to hire someone to murder her husband. This wasn’t entrapm Read more

It’s possible if the book deal was already in the works and promising to be worth significantly more. She wouldn’t turn it down out of integrity, of course, but to make more money elsewhere and avoid getting sued over it she might. 

What’s really funny is that Snopes has debunked so many right-wing conspiracy theories that the right-wingers made a new one saying Snopes was owned by George Soros. So when Snopes made a page debunking that George Soros was a Nazi, that only made it more credible. Every other site that debunks right-wing conspiracy Read more

Yeah, white people who do this shit 100% know what they’re doing. Sometimes they’re folks who still support segregation and want to keep black people (or Native American people in a recent case) away from them and use police intimidation as a tactic to do that. Other times it’s white people who actually do hang-out Read more

I think they’re primarily talking about if the father is black and the mother is white, like if their white daughter was pregnant with a black baby. Read more

I’ve heard that story! She was also pretty young at the time (like 16 or 17) and refused him, so he ended up marrying his dead brother’s fiance. It is really hard to imagine those two married because he was very stuff and old-fashioned and wished for his wife to act the same (which Mary did), while Marie was very Read more

The answer is both. He has money and drugs, plus I’d imagine socializing with him is what got many of them on the show.

I’m assuming she knew, right? She was lying about her age to get parts, right? Read more

It can also be awkward for shows with a bunch of really amazing supporting actors (like The Crown) but are likely to put all their eggs in one basket. Read more

I’d keep my eye on someone like that, they may end up on the other side of the glass next time.

I can’t believe anyone believed that one for a hot second. She did it in the mirror!

George VI and the Queen Mum did not have an arranged marriage. They met, many times, through friends and developed a relationship like normal, sane, non-Prince Charles people do. She actually turned him down the first time he proposed but he eventually won her over. Read more