Apr 1 2019

Was looking for a Ben Affleck, “call me Donnie. Call me Joey. Please don’t go, girl” gif from Mallrats, but that movie and NKOTB were pre-gif, so no luck. 

Mar 27 2019

Marvel has made 22 well crafted, entertaining superhero movies. I’m fine not questioning the logic of a guy who has a magic hammer and a woman who can fly and shoots energy blasts

Feb 27 2019

This is the kind of thing that causes me to lose hope. Not this particular instance of moronic gamer behavior, mind you - but knowing that this is not an outlier but in fact expected behavior at this point.

Feb 27 2019

Cool story time. My oldest son’s first real game he played was Mario Kart (at about age 3-4) on the DS, and as far as he was concerned, that was a Mario game. Later he tried out New Super Mario Bros. when I got it, which he then referred to as “Mario Walking Game” when he asked to play it for a long time.

Feb 27 2019

Yes, we all know the bottom line is money. But there is a reason it works so well. It encourages kids to link up and connect with their friends/siblings, because you can’t get them all just by yourself. From a gamer standpoint, we are all thinking - it is just so they can sell me the game twice! But, kids aren’t Read more

Feb 12 2019

It’s simple, in the last decade:

1) salaries are flat, or largely falling behind inflation. Underemployment is still a major problem
2) Vehicle price increase is rising
3) Housing costs are rising
4) Child care costs are rising
5) Food costs are rising
6) Credit card debt is increasing
7) Education is far more expensive
8) Read more

Feb 12 2019

Sure all these peoples’ lives have been upended and they’ve got to process the loss while trying to find similar work, but if the shareholders don’t see balance sheet growth year over year, um...I guess they’d just have to use the money generated by the products and services they sell to fund the business directly Read more

Jan 11 2019

I’m sure there are K-Indie blogs or sites that can help you if you’re looking for a specific sound, but if you’re looking for K-pop in general, there are various sites that exist ( is a major one; is too but it tends to be more problematic but it’s a long story), along with a major Reddit Read more

Jan 8 2019

The character was never reavealed to be straight. You just assumed it and are now angry because you were wrong.

Jan 8 2019

How is it ret conning? Was there video or comics or sprays of Soldier being into women before this? Why do you immediately assume he was straight to begin with?

Dec 25 2018

You could easily tell this was gonna suck. I could have saved it for them though. I would have had Ferrell play Holmes seriously while Reilly plays Dr. Steve Brule.

Dec 14 2018

Sounds like step one from the Billy Mitchell's dating guide. 

Nov 17 2018

Fuck her shitty ass parents. Bill for family vacation... I hope she never pays and it fucks up your credit forever, you trifling, nasty assholes. I hope Discover calls you nightly. I hope this article gets you hate mail. Read more