Mirror Universe Stig
Oct 8

Would you continue to feel that way if it costs $2-3/mile with a driver vs. $0.50/mile autonomous?  That’s a real decision that many people will be making at some point.  

Oct 8

Before weed was legal they were a great way to find the guy who was carrying in a rural town.

Sep 8

When I judge a writer, I judge them by the words they write and topics they write about. Gender, sexual orientation, and race play no part in someone’s ability to writing something objectively good or bad.  Read more

Sep 2

Most people are irrational and vote based on emotion. Very few people make decisions based on facts and even fewer make decisions based solely on objective facts and without consideration of any emotions. Fear is a one of the most powerful emotions and quite easy to invoke. Humans are complex and very complicated Read more

Aug 7

hahaha you don’t like someone just because they hateful, unethical, and mismanaging a crisis that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths.  wish i knew how you felt but i am too mature to dislike him.

Aug 7

I feel like they really missed their chance with the naming. It could’ve been “MAGA Klassic Kar Kruise” to really round it out and embrace the culture.

Jul 29

How do we know she’s a criminal? As far as I can tell, she has not, as of yet, been convicted of any crimes. That would make her a SUSPECT, not a criminal. Read more

Apr 10 2017

It suffered from VWitis. They made a good affordable “peoples car” sports coupe in the Scirocco. Then VW built the Scirocco III (aka the Corrado) and realized that they had priced it too high and no one would buy a Scirocco for that price and had to rename the car to Corrado. They slowly and steadily have done the Read more