Mirror Universe Stig
Aug 7

hahaha you don’t like someone just because they hateful, unethical, and mismanaging a crisis that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths.  wish i knew how you felt but i am too mature to dislike him.

Aug 7

I feel like they really missed their chance with the naming. It could’ve been “MAGA Klassic Kar Kruise” to really round it out and embrace the culture.

Jul 29

How do we know she’s a criminal? As far as I can tell, she has not, as of yet, been convicted of any crimes. That would make her a SUSPECT, not a criminal. Read more

Jun 22

Porsche gives you the best of both world: you get to turn a fake key that is always there, to start the car. 

May 23

If they quit going to Starbucks and eating avocado toast every morning they would be just fine. They just need to get a 2nd or 3rd job and pull themselves up by their boot straps. 

Feb 24

It’s difficult to market something that ugly. I’d put more effort into styling first... Great drivetrains though.

Feb 24

Cadillac needs to take a long, hard look at Lincoln and get back to the opulence of their distant past.  Leave the Nurburgring times to the Germans, spend your money on design and interior.

Feb 23

Thisscience” channel saying “thoughts and prayers” says all anyone needs to know about that shithole channel.

Feb 21

I cannot express how much I hate that shit. I’m looking for a 2006 Xterra, not some POS Cobalt. May the fleas of 10,000 camels infest their armpits.

Feb 13

driving this thing around central texas in late july, august, I’d imagine the interior would warm up to around 3 or 4 thousand degrees.