Jul 23 2015

You’d have defeated me had I not said—pretty clearly—that neither do I use scheduled substances, nor do I approve of them; I simply pointed out that they are prevalent in every major competitive sport out there, to include the Olympiad. Read more

Jul 23 2015

I like the absolutism present in the use of “druggies” as an invective for those who choose to partake of controlled substances. Read more

Jun 11 2015

“It’s a peculiar problem, considering that you’d think Valve would be prepared for Steam Sale apocalyimplosion traffic by now. “ Read more

Feb 11 2015

If there ever was a time to just brush something under the rug... baseball in the inner city was capital DEAD 10 or 15 years ago. These kids did more for baseball than anything short of normalizing relations with Cuba in the past year. These kids reconnected the sport to places where ballfields were dried up and Read more

Jan 5 2015

Nalgene Narrow- Mouth Loop Top Water Bottle (32 oz)

Nalgene Narrow- Mouth Loop Top Water Bottle (32 oz)

Oct 5 2014

Logically, the dragons decide that the whole green-eyes thing is complete bunk, and choose to go find the douche-canoe who told them in the first place.

Sep 26 2014

These kittens must be male, because you know, including female kittens would have caused the production of this video to be way over budget.

Sep 25 2014

Good analysis, but it neglects the frequency with which the tail wags the dog in terms of star ratings. A player who would normally be a three-star recruit who receives an early offer from a team like Alabama will almost certainly be upgraded to a four star after a short interval solely because of that fact. That's Read more

Sep 10 2014

I'll let someone else make a snarky comment here, I'm just going to say that's a damn shame.

Sep 7 2013

Yes, this pedantic, and yes, you otherwise call it rape again and again. But I still think you need to change this sentence: "The woman was reportedly unconscious while Vandenburg had sex with her." He didn't "have sex" with her. He raped her. Stick an "allegedly" in there if you must. But call it what it actually was.

Jan 9 2013

Freedom of Speech is NOT Freedom from Consequences of your Speech.

Jan 9 2013

Not how the real world works. They're free to say what they want, no one is denying them that freedom. However, if they signed a non-disclosure and then broke it their employees is absolutely within their rights to fire them.

Jan 9 2013

This was already explained to you in another response - but FOR THE LAST TIME, your right of free speech is in relation to the GOVERNMENT. It does not protect you from any consequences you may suffer from anyone else.