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11:21 AM

GoT had something incredibly rare in television before the pilot was even shot - material to fill 4-5 seasons worth of scripts and the budget to plan it out. Read more

9:34 PM

A lot of people have spent a lot more time thinking through the ramifications of TLJ than the actual writers of TLJ did. They have come right out and said that they couldn’t think of anything good enough for Luke to say for the first time hearing the character speak since 1983 so someone said “what if he just didn’t Read more

10:24 AM

For all the shittiness of the new owners, Splinter did it to themselves. They made it crystal clear that they did not want engagement, they wanted to only agree with them. Their social media said as much, and they went as far as to shut down a sub blog that critiqued them too much for their comfort. Read more

10:11 AM

2-3 years pre-Highlander, but basically playing the same kind of role, a stoic mercenary with little emotional range. A poor substitute for the charismatic actors he replaced, Richard Chavez and Philip Akin.

11:37 PM

Yeah, their management was HORRIBLE. I won’t miss the place as it was run.  They did this to themselves.  Between the mass banning, being completely unresponsive to folks who emailed them asking about it, and their destructive “let’s burn everything down bent,” I’m really not sad.

10:11 PM

Yeah, this screams that the new showrunner was like “I don’t like the show we have; let’s just get rid of it and make an entirely new show.” I mean, say what you will about the original Charmed, but it never got rid of their powers and made them move cross country. Read more

6:20 PM

I would be very interested to know whether there was any sort of significant downtick in readership metrics after The Great Greying. I know I went to Splinter a lot less after that.

4:27 PM

That sounds really cool.  It reminds me of some of my favorite parts of the Fallout games, specifically finding some random area with no context, and then coming up with your own story of what might have happened.

2:15 PM

Did you miss the part at the beginning of the movie when Leia demotes Poe for acting brash and not following the chain of command? The literal thing he keeps doing for the rest of the movie? Since when do Generals explain every thing in their strategy to soldiers?

12:13 PM

If Terry Crews isn’t the new live action heman I am going to be super disappointed.

11:57 AM

Milling is absolutely a legitimate strategy... but CCG’s are always best when Mill is a fringe strategy, at best. It should be a surprising counter-punch, a decktype that isn’t top tier but able to knock out an unprepared and unaware opponent. Read more

11:43 AM

including Ackbar’s shocking, sudden pointless and offscreen death in the Resistance’s retreat from D’Qar Read more