Feb 26

Lol What children are getting that surgery? You have to be 18 regardless of parental consent. Also this is stupid logic. The patient didn’t consent to the surgery and then regret it, they accidentally did the surgery.

Nov 29

I do not agree with this, at all. Among those 100 companies, the top polluters are petrol extracting companies (according to the link you gave). They extract petrol because we buy it to fuel our planes, ships, trucks and cars, but also because we buy shit made out of plastic. People like to say this to excuse their Read more

Nov 29

During the course of writing this I had like four different people be like “big companies are the problem so it’s not even worth trying” but like... I can at least do better

Nov 1

Ahhh! Long time, no see, Sabriel! How are you doing? We watched Little Monsters a few weeks ago and, agreed, Lupita is too amazing for that dude. Then again, she’s too amazing for this world, so. :)

Oct 31

Mrs. Beale got me a "sizable gift" for my birthday, I told her I'm surprised she can order a whole trip to Japan off Amazon 😆

Jul 22 2019

I am not an Anna Wintour fan, but this is epic level shade. She doesn’t even mention Melania, all she talks about is Michelle Obama and her style. To me, that’s worse than if Anna called Melania a tasteless harpy.

Jul 22 2019

She’s using her natural gifts for the greater good here :)  I listened to the audio and died when the interviewer asked if she would help T with his sartorial issues and she said, “I think he is unlikely to call”.    She avoided even referencing the names of the current first family.  It’s truly masterful.  

Jul 10 2017

Since people keep starring these comments close to a month later, I guess they’re still reading. For posterity’s sake, here’s some closure:

Jun 29 2017

I tried this out after reading this article and couldn’t quite get the hang of it, until I took your advice and thought of it like a racing motorcycle. Then I was able to nail it!

Great advice!

Jan 19 2016

Well first we have to be able to actually grow plants in space. This is an unexplored area; we have to break ground before we can do the fine-tuned experiments.

Jan 18 2016

I’m sure figuring out how to recover from impending disaster is a much better learning experience than letting them die and restarting them. The point is to learn how to eventually produce food in zero G, and when living in space, you won’t always have the luxury of restarting your food crops when or if they go south.