Pretty much this. I find multiple pools of blood (or lack thereof) far more informative than the messages. Read more

For as great as Reggie has been, the Clips also have Pat Beverly.  And I will not root for Pat Beverly, or the team he plays for. Read more

“Poise.” *Facepalm*  Extra hand-drag down the face because that particular adjective doesn’t even really work in that sentence.  Stature? Grace? Perhaps something from the era; Quan? Read more

How the fuck is the headline here NOT “One asshole polluted as much as 1000 of us.”  But instead, we’re giving him a big internet hi-five?  Get bent Mercedes! Read more

My dad bought a used, purple Taurus Station Wagon from this bubble era, in ~2004, and even with 150k on the odo it was smooth and quite the workhorse. We even drove it from Colorado to New Jersey in the summer of ‘06 for a family vacation, and it was great - plenty of passing power and it seemed to iron out the bumps Read more

Any problems “yet”, may be a key statement. If the controllers were bad out-of-the-box, then it should be an open-and-shit issue: Sony pays. However, if the controllers adopt problems after a period of time, then it’s much more difficult for consumers to get any compensation for their troubles: Sony denies that they Read more

Often the difference between being oblivious and being a criminal is intent. Read more

“A good way to make yourself upset is to log on to the UK website of virtually any automaker and gawk at all of the amazing small and electric cars that are sold in Europe but aren’t sold here, for reasons.” Read more

White guy here. I have never had a bad experience with a cop, security guard or any other “uniformed authority figure.” Read more

Your confusing “heritage” with “generational improvement” and so is FCA. Read more

Exatly why it should exist on planet Earth. Read more

Airlines that own these jets would be happy to upgrade to a different system, if it were free/low cost. However, Aircraft makers (and Boeing is one of the worst) charge a mint for such upgrades, even though commercial-off-the-shelf solutions could be implemented for very little. Read more

RROD would take on new meaning. Read more

As an atheist, I cannot have a moral compass. It gets taken when you learn the secret handshake. Read more