+1 for this issue. I assumed it had something to do with recently being banned from Splinter and Lifehacker (for as of yet unexplained reasons...) Read more

There’s already a plugin to skip the Wadsworth constant: Read more

Uhhh...where did my comments go? Did I get banned from Lifehacker? Read more

Even if he’s not your cup of tea (based on the other specials), I would recommend that bit. He does a portion of it in an interview on The Tonight Show with Colbert, so you could just look that up, and skip the latest special. Read more

If you didn’t make it to the “Horse in a hospital” bit, you did yourself a great disservice. Read more

Well, I’m happy to be enlightened. But not one sentence at a time.
If what you’re doing is “not missing it”, then I am also happy to have ‘missed it entirely’.
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How am I being hyper-sensitive? I’m GLAD they’re returning to form! What did I say that was hypocritical, in the slightest? Read more

God does it feel good to see Jezebel back on its bullshit. There have been actual problems and scandals for so long that every Jez article was tackling something important and worthwhile. Weinstein, #MeToo, #TimesUp, the Trump Presidency...everything has been so important that Jezebel was actually producing lucid, Read more

It isn’t a double standard even, it’s just context. Read more

Biometrics are bad because they are, currently, easily spoofed (even Apple’s Face ID. I’ve beaten it with a video, and I know a set of twins that can unlock each other’s phones), and you only have one set of unchangeable biometrics. So, once you’re compromised, you’ll then have to generate new passwords and be forced Read more

Now this here? THIS is a good password strategy (assuming good practices with the added bits).
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I never understood why the whole “single point of failure” problem was ever cited as a fault. Read more

I’m not asking you to trust anything. I’m not advocating that anyone use my methods. Only that using password managers are bad.
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You’re mostly right, but it’s more about ease-of-use and presentation than anything else. Read more

Password managers are bad. It defers pretty much the most important piece of information of your digital existence to someone(thing) else. That’s just a bad paradigm.
Understandable, in that it works for a lot of people. But it amplifies your exposure to a single point of failure, and then prevents you from even being Read more

I’m here for it. You want to discuss, right here in this thread? I’ve got some ideas and some solutions to propose. I’d love to bounce some of those ideas around and see how much water they carry. Read more

No, see, this is where people’s ignorance of how these immigrant communities often work in the states led to people coming down hard on the guy. Read more

I just want to grab everybody in this thread and yell “LONG GAME PAYOFF!” at them. Read more

I don’t recall if he answered but the answer was: because she was a woman and there aren’t as many women in technical, mechanical, or electrical positions on film crews. Read more

On the other hand, threatening violence on a guy that is carrying a gun is PEAK “internet tough guy”. Yeah, the gun-carrier is a dickhead. But if someone tries to stick his gun up his ass, I know who I’m putting my money on. Read more