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Anyone else find the act of fixing cars literally addictive? I had an “interesting” youth full of drugs and whatnot, but when I replaced the worn out carburetor on my FJ45, and the engine fired up first turn, it was literally the best high I have ever had. Even routine maintenance gives me a little tickle, and if I Read more

Someone should create a racing series (contact not discouraged) of motorcycle engine’d TDIs (Japanese 1000-1400cc sueprbike engines, or wheatever really)... VW should donate a car, sans engine, to anyone with proof of motorcycle engine ownership (can be redeemed many times for the same engine, as long as it’s not Read more

Yep, I am the highest bidder :)
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Raphael, you know what would be cool? An infographic showing the current up and coming battery technologies, their pros and cons, and where they are in development. I know there are a few neat ones out there, but I certainly don’t have a real great handle on any of them, let alone all of them. Read more

But the memories...priceless.

(Unless you travel across the country to meet somebody with three first names and no last names, who has one gear to sell you in exchange for a twelve-pack of “that weird Canadian beer y’all got up north”. Thats a different kind of memory altogether). Read more

Could it be a mid-90`s Pontiac Grand Am?

I like olds stuff too... Hence this shot taken on a 1949 vintage camera on old film, then scanned. I need to get some more chemicals and get out, but it’s annoying to spend 10 mi Utes setting up a shot, but then 30 more minute tea explaining that yes you still can get film for it and yes, it is from the 40s, but still

‘Murica Fuck Yeah!

Driving lights are 50 to 100 watts each. Tesla motors start at 283,000 watts (old model P60), so I’m guessing they’d not make too much of a dent.... Read more

It’d be a great spot for some rally lights Read more

Most surprising part of the headline. Read more

Well, nowadays they simply x-ray many vehicles. You heard that, giant-ass x-ray machines at the borders.
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Why have a car when you can have a truck? 2000 SVT Lightning in this case.

Man, if your comment is to shit on another man’s pride and joy, you need to step up your comment game.
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The answer should be painfully obvious. Buy this Trabant.

Great workhorse aircraft. We (Canada) retired our last old model CC-130E from the 60's only 2 years ago.