The Real Dacia Sandero
1:49 AM

Glad I could help. Sounds like maybe a “I’m moving on shortly, could you just follow the status quo in the meantime” kind of approach might work? Good luck man, been there.

1:36 AM

I feel your pain. Everywhere I’ve lived, there has been some form of parking wars. I currently am involved in a parking Cold War, of sorts. I have to strategically rearrange vehicles in front of my fence to keep other people from parking there. My next door neighbor always “talks” to my friends if they unknowingly Read more

9:02 PM

IKEA kitchen units. Seriously. Easy clean, stain proof, modular, variety of widths heights depths colours, soft close weight bearing drawers, lots of made to measure organisers, inserts and lighting, good hinges. Read more

1:09 PM

Your COTD awards are the stuff of mine and The Real Dacia Sandero’s road trip conversations. We’re obviously a bit weird, but whatever.

4:15 PM

The end is NOT near. I am told there are no plans to shutter Oppo or change it in any way. If that were the case I would fight against it tooth and nail, but thankfully, it is not. Read more

3:57 PM

Of course. We have a weird mix of getting random things that the states never got, like the Chevy Orlando and the Toyota Echo hatch, and not getting things for no apparent reason. I saw a two door first gen, once....most of the first gens have rusted or been orphaned by no parts supply

12:13 PM

Mint. A friend of mine had an Isuzu Trooper in high school that held up to more abuse (including a cobblestone fence at highway speeds) than I can describe in text.