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Which is just the kind of perfectly kind statement that you can’t make fun of without seeming like a real jerk. Read more

“WKRP, the station with more music and Les Nessman.” Read more

Counterpoint. I took Latin as my language in high school and found that doing so has made it easier to learn other languages that are related to Latin. Read more

As loathe as I am to defend Huckabee Sanders, I’m deeply uncomfortable with this line of thinking. It’s just as gross coming from a liberal under the guise of calling out their hypocrisy as it would be from a conservative. The word “careerist” is inherently sexist. It’s not a word we use against men, no matter what Read more


For me it was everything that came after the fact. Read more

still can’t identify his wife Read more

Give him a break. He correctly identified the sun. I didn’t think he had it in him. Read more

Thank you. And I apologise for any offence I’ve caused in other threads (not that your kind words are in any way conditional to my apology - I’m just using this opportunity to apologise). Read more

Speaking as someone with mental illnesses who has mostly chosen to be single partly as a consequence of those illnesses, I have the upmost respect for Davidson. Read more

Oh, come on. It was a touch of an aside pondering what site would be most likely to bring it up, and the strong and proud feminist not!Gawker site was an obvious one to mention... Read more

The movie was fun, but the fridging just seemed out of place. Deadpool would have gone on a similar rampage against someone that destroyed his favorite hot dog stand, so killing Vanessa seemed like a bit much. Read more

I hate that they did that. I still enjoyed watching the movie, but it’s not one I’m going to watch over and over. Read more

Kahlua + Amaretto = DING DING DING Read more

No but you might get nominated by the GOP. Read more

The sound clip they played at the end reminded me of this:

a condition known as “yellow big head.” Read more

It's Australia. The stuff is actually asbestos. Read more

Not to be a huge downer (which means I’m about to be a downer) but I’m glad they don’t mention what the rumor was. Read more