Again, I forget who wrote this about Raiders of the Lost Ark — in that it’s a perfect movie because for almost two straight hours you’re told that the Ark is “unspeakable power,” etc. and then they finally open it and... it really is the Wrath of G-d, kills the Nazis, etc. It’s almost a perfect catharsis for what

We address people by their pronouns and use them in conversation, which is why it’s good practice to include them. Me, I’m a psychologist which means I have a doctorate in psychology. I introduce myself to new clients as Dr. Firstname Lastname, and my CV says “Doctor” at the top. Because it is a title I use, which is Read more

There’s a gradual move to make stating your pronouns in introductions a standard thing for all people, not just non-binary people. For one thing, it’s not only helpful for Enbies not to be misgendered, but also binary trans and other gender nonconforming folks. Plus, it normalizes the practice if cis people do it too, Read more

It’s an extremely great habit that the rest of Hollywood should learn from. The reason you see a lot more folks put their pronouns in bios etc is because none of us should assume anyones’ gender. This helps normalize it for everyone. Read more

Unless you assume that every journalist, online commenter, fan, and viewer is going to solely refer to all of these actors by their names, then, yeah, it’s a pretty good idea to let us know the pronouns of the actors. Considering they’ll likely be referred to by the pronouns at least as much as they are by their Read more

Nuklear Age is still the hardest I’ve ever laughed at book, so I probably need to get this. Read more

Pretty the JK has drain and fill plugs on the axles, tcase and the 6MT for sure.  Either that or I really screwed up doing this over the weekend.  Read more

If a legislature is going to enact a voter ID law, then it should provide the ID cards when someone registers in the first place.
Read more

People of color in cities are often too poor to get an ID. You act like getting an ID is simple and cheap. Read more

Saying, “I need an ID to buy a candy bar with my credit card so why shouldn’t I need my ID to vote,” is a false equivalence, but it has the appeal of being logically sound on the surface. And that’s why politicians have found voter ID laws to be such a potent weapon. Read more

And now we wait for Constantine’s prep school reunion ... in Riverdale Greendale.

Apparently, you’ve never heard of Nordic Europe. And, countries like Finland. Read more

All I did was make a list of the key points from the man’s plan. I think you’re angry at the wrong person.  Read more

Would I vote for Bloomberg in Nov if he bought his way into the Presidency? I look at the people that cannot survive another 4 years of Trump and i’ll push that button, sure. Read more

I know.  I mean who really thinks that game is ever going to be finished? Read more

“To me it tastes like somebody forgot to bring the heat to Creole or Cajun seasoning” could not have said it any better. I like Zatarains or even Tony’s much better than OB. To me OB just tastes like cheap paprika.  Read more

Alice didn’t buy enough tacos. Fen’s got 3 bars. Read more

Oh, oh! OH!! I’ve never been able to do this in context yet—you ready? Read more