Sep 30

Hate’s certainly too strong, but it’s not *that* much stronger than how I feel. The problem I have with it isn’t that he looks a lot like Tom Holland now, although he does, but rather that... he looks too young. Read more

Sep 17

As a public library employee, I agree with your sentiment. But let me also say, it’s been a really shit year with a lot of disappointments. Having just one thing I was looking forward to actually pan out would have been nice.

Jun 22

The Snap team members who suggested the smile trigger to begin with, and said it was acceptable to use, were Black Snap team members, and / or members of my team.
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Jun 1

True, but I think we can be reverent and still look forward to nice things. Like, I certainly have all the stuff that’s been going on in my mind but at the same time, it would have been nice to see this. But I understand where they’re coming from with postponing it.

Mar 16

Give this person some Hot Toys figures and you really wouldn’t be able to tell if they were movie photos. 

Nov 6 2018

I tried to get into tablets, I had an Acer tablet for a while and then an iPad that I won at my office Halloween costume contest (I was a very convincing bob ross). But I literally never used it, I would always gravitate to my phone for casual browsing because it was more comfortable to hold and if I needed to do Read more

Oct 18 2018

An elementary school buried a time capsule in 1998. My brother, a friend of his, and I dug it up in 2000. There wasn’t anything in it. Y2K destroyed it all.

Jun 22 2018

Gee. I liked to build models when I was a kid. Then blow them up on The Forth of July. Wish I could get paid for building models of things blowing up.

May 24 2018

I mean, you don’t actually have to spend tens of thousands...

Apr 23 2018

MomoCast is a free iphone app to let you cast any video on a web page. Super useful being that Chrome mobile doesn’t support Chromecast and there’s a lot of places I run into I simply can’t natively cast. It can be a little buggy but I’ve never had a situation where it simply wouldn’t work after a few tries.

Apr 11 2018

That’s a solid manifesto. I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point, I became the kind of person who cannot bear to just discard electronic devices once they start to wear out. I now tear apart my old phones and replace broken pieces and I just fixed a broken ps3 that was sitting in my closet with a ylod for Read more

Apr 9 2018

No, those legs are real, there is just a second guy in the suit wearing the other guy as a hat.

Mar 23 2018

After seeing some stuff on Facebook last night. I just realized how little Flat Earth garbage I see in comments on here. Makes me happy. Maybe they are stuck in the grays.