As long as there continues to be a way to shout “Lights off” without getting off the couch I’m cool. Read more

Can you really get a closer shave with less irritation using the front grille? Read more

How many krill can it consume in 1 hour? Read more

That’s a depressing statement Read more

Is this guy the Tommy Wiseau of video games? That’s almost the impression I got from this whole deal.
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I know I’m probably going to get all sorts of “ermagerds you’re a terrible person” replies but it’s honestly a shame that the idiot got up and walked away from this. Just a second earlier and we’d have had a pretty damn good “this is what happens to dumbasses” teachable moment. Instead some asshole wrecked a person’s Read more

...does that mean he’s not coming on then? Read more

Wait, an $8 HTPC? How does that work? Read more

Chloe this is probably the best thing I’ve read all day! My unfulfilled question I still had when I finished the game was what was up with the weird Zelda-Link-Zora princess love triangle? Does Zelda have a thing for Link? The princess clearly has a thing for Link. Did Link have a thing for either of them or did he Read more

Toyota: Let’s Go Places We Shouldn’t Read more

How were they going to top blowjob giraffe anyway...
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Why didn’t you put in the article that this is from the Slow Mo Guys? I see you linked their video, but wouldn’t it be nice to write about them too? Read more

Just a garbled audio transmission with the barely audible words “Liberate tuteme ex inferis”. Read more

Sounds too familiar...