May 31

SAAB for sure. They were outside the box and would have been awesome electric. Imagine a new version of the 95 not (the 9-5 mind you) with electric power.

Mar 26 2019

It was called MAX POWER and was published in Britain in the 90's.

Sep 7 2018

Good choice Ballaban, also barney greengrass was awesome.

Feb 12 2018

As someone with and Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 (under restoration) this car is a travesty. Hoonigan is a dumb channel and this car was abused and destroyed.

Feb 20 2017

I literally just bought, what should I do with it?

Feb 13 2017

The bumper is essentially made of aluminum foil, it does nothing to protect the car.

Jan 14 2017

Is there any hint of the Toyota SFR at all? Im curious if that will actually happen.

Aug 31 2016

THATS ME IN THE PICTURE! I’d have to say my beloved Alfa, though my (also beloved) SAAB is broken down in the exact spot as the bug in the main picture at this moment!

Aug 6 2016

if you don t like prop 47 leave the damn state, It pisses me off when people move the state Ive lived in all my life and so nothing but complain about California politics.

Aug 6 2016

Jeep owners for the win? If abandoning vehicles full of pollutants in a river is winning for jeeps than that sucks.

Aug 5 2016

So many motorcyclists abuse lanesplitting here in California, I even almost ran over one today that was lane splitting on a street in the city center and cit un front of me in an intersection. It can be done safely, and that should be reflected in the law.

Aug 25 2015

The Obvious answer is the sexy as all hell GTV 6 from octopussy, which gets driven has and dented a tad. Such a sexy car.

Aug 24 2015

Bottles are the natural enemy of the hella flush drift car.

Aug 23 2015

I think about Alfas too much, I'm restoring an old GTV 2000 right now.

Aug 22 2015

As an Alfa fan all i can say is that i can’t believe we are really getting legitimate new Alfas sold in the states again.