Today 2:49PM

Can someone explain to me why I would want Android apps on my desktop/laptop? This has always seemed like a clunky fit even when they’ve enabled it on Chrome OS. Most Android apps aren’t designed for tablets, let a alone a keyboard/mouse desktop OS. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but how is this really a selling Read more

Tuesday 3:29PM

If I went around calling myself “emperor” just because some moistened bint lobbed a scimitar at me, they’d put me away!

5/27/21 9:32AM

Yeah, when I see a statue, I rarely think “This reminds me how horrible this person is!” I usually think “why are they honoring this fucking monster???” Someone should put a statue of Stalin in her district. You know, for education!

5/11/21 12:53PM

This is exactly how crowdfunding has been working for a longer time now. Proove interest in order to get investors on board who provide the real money, or invest your own capital. Its risk assessment.

4/30/21 11:08AM

This administration literally sent a proposal to congress a few weeks ago asking for an extension of EV tax credits for “American made” EVs. Read more

4/21/21 9:31AM

Nearly every initial press account of this incident- which was based on the secondhand accounts of family members- was completely contradicted by the bodycam footage. Heres a picture of the dead girl about to plunge a six inch knife into the woman in pink

4/12/21 5:08PM

Sorry, I still don’t comprehend why a military uniform should somehow be required for cops to treat you like a human being.

4/12/21 2:48PM

It’s really sad that Musk can still generate fawning articles by doing the most childish shit, which successfully detracts from how horrible of a person he is.

4/06/21 2:04PM

Not really. I go from 18-19mpg to 14-15mpg when towing. What we’ve seen in EVs is that towing utterly guts their range; it’d be like me getting 4-5mpg when towing. As others have pointed out, refueling is also substantially quicker than recharging an enormous battery pack. Read more

4/05/21 1:53PM

Yikes, no offense but that’s pretty closed-minded of your daughter. These people are playing characters, your investment in the character shouldn’t hinge on a person’s real life sexuality, these kind of attitudes are keeping us back.

3/31/21 6:28PM

And they didn’t even use the post making fun of them for slideshows.

3/24/21 1:07PM

No, man, this isn’t a piece shitting on the Richest Man In The World, this is a piece shitting upon some really awful UX decisions. Sad is not being able to deal with actual valid critiques of technology without feeling like it’s an attack on Elon Musk, who I suspect will weather this onslaught just fine. Read more