Apr 6

Not really. I go from 18-19mpg to 14-15mpg when towing. What we’ve seen in EVs is that towing utterly guts their range; it’d be like me getting 4-5mpg when towing. As others have pointed out, refueling is also substantially quicker than recharging an enormous battery pack. Read more

Apr 5

Yikes, no offense but that’s pretty closed-minded of your daughter. These people are playing characters, your investment in the character shouldn’t hinge on a person’s real life sexuality, these kind of attitudes are keeping us back.

Mar 24

No, man, this isn’t a piece shitting on the Richest Man In The World, this is a piece shitting upon some really awful UX decisions. Sad is not being able to deal with actual valid critiques of technology without feeling like it’s an attack on Elon Musk, who I suspect will weather this onslaught just fine. Read more

Mar 22

That’s not really the case at all. The government pulled the lands around DC from Maryland. Just give it back. It’s not like there’s a huge cultural difference between the people of DC vs PG County or different customs or a need for a different group of interests to be protected. Read more

Mar 15

Please. This look is trash.  Not because of the cleavage, although it’s J Lo lite and not done as well (should be a fraction tighter as it’s gone past the flattering point.) But not only that, the color scheme is hideous, and the skirt makes her look stumpy and shapeless and like she’s 2 feet tall.  As usual, Joan, Read more

Mar 2

Persistent rumours of him involved with many different women... where not a single one to this day nor any media outlet has shown a single scrap of evidence? People just liked making up rumours about him because it was salacious and sold papers. Read more

Mar 1

Doesn’t have to do with aches and pains. Has to do with not needing to hold a steering wheel that’s been outside in 10ºF weather all night.

Feb 26

Using an arrowhead as the logo and name of their stadium certainly doesn’t help.

Feb 25

It most certainly is a negotiation. I’ve worked with an Indian tribe and they’ve become very adept at playing the victim card. Usually it’s a shakedown for a payout; then they start to infighting over which of their own factions get it. See casinos, Keystone XL Pipeline, literally any government social program and now Read more

Feb 11

And if there really is new product coming, we generally would see glimmers of it in advance—there are people who are obsessed with early vehicle info. Not many vehicles come to market as a total surprise (see Ford GT) and we’d have seen some spy pix or rumors on a discussion board beyond what was just posted.