Oct 18 2017

There are other articles, specifically on thehill this week, that is breaking news on the Clinton’s collaboration with the Russian government.

Oct 9 2017

Why would they? If the contracts and processes are handled before sale it’s unlikely to happen. Half the reason why Volvo are now doing insurance is because they are planning on switching the whole model so the insurance and liability cover is attached to the vehicles rather than the drivers. Read more

Aug 22 2017

Jesus Christ. The hatred you have for anyone that makes more money than an internet blogger is astounding.

Aug 18 2017

No. Run away, run far away, dear god, and keep what’s left of your life!

Aug 9 2017

I love how SJW/feminist morons want to deny this guy practically the same basic rights, protecting him against discrimination by the employer, than the ones they’re supposedly fighting for. But then again, that’s why they’re SJW/feminist morons. And then again, we all know they really don’t want truly equal rights, Read more

Apr 20 2017

Looks like nothing. Much worse was said on 9/12, and “questioning the loyalties of American citizens” is a pretty negative way of looking at those comments. They’re right. Our freedom and relatively open immigration policies (and not everyone in the country legally is a citizen, obviously) inevitably cause the country Read more

Apr 14 2017

I have a feeling it’ll be exactly like a oldschool ball mouse; every few weeks you’ll have to scrape off the gunk.

Apr 11 2017

We won’t achieve True Socialism until we have robots capable of killing everyone.

Apr 10 2017

No, in a libertarian economy with less regulation, companies are free to enter the market and as an option to being treated like shit by United, people start using that airline and United suffers. Right now, because air routes and airport gates are tightly controlled, there is no way for libertarian competition to Read more

Apr 6 2017

It’s always funny to watch liberal bloggers act like they finally got their opponents right where they want them.

Mar 31 2017

The Flash Gordon version... Because Brian Blessed 

Mar 31 2017

“Twitter has realized it needs to change in a substantial way, but it seems like the company is confused on what exactly needs to get fixed.”

Almost as though there really isn’t a good way to reducing human thought to 140 characters or less. 

Mar 31 2017

People not using Twitter has nothing to do with abuse, people stopped using it because they started censoring anyone that wasn’t Alt-Left. You know, same reason everyone stopped taking Gizmodo seriously.

Mar 30 2017

“Secretary Of The Future” has a nice ring to it. should come with a cape

Nov 20 2015

While the life of nuns behind the walls of convents might not have been widely known about I have heard stories for years and years about how vile nuns were as teachers and to girls who ended up in their care for various reasons.