Jul 25

Great granddaughter of Mexican immigrants.  Thank you.  We are long past “why aren’t you being polite?” about this.

Jul 23

I just recently watched the entire series - it was incredible. I went googly eyed when he rocked up in those little speedos but he was so intense throughout the entire thing; I found myself just waiting for all the other stuff to move along so I could see what facial expression he was going to make to clue me in on Read more

Jul 23

I was down when the one kid through the knife and it bounced into the other kids leg.  That is grade A humor right there

Jul 22

Sorry, the way he was treated was bullshit. He should regret resigning.

Jul 18

I'd bet money it’s already on their January schedule. My vote for the two guests: PFT and Jessica St. Claire. 

Jul 18

June is going to hate it the most. I hope they save it for a live show.

Jul 18

What We Do in the Shadows predicted this with that Jemaine-faced cat. Hopefully someone out there gets this reference.

Jul 18

I’m actually over here kind of nervous laughing like what the fuck, why would multiple people allow this to happen?

Jul 15

Solid point about Celeste and the Blasey Fordness of her testimony. I was INFURIATED by the string of men the lawyer kept bringing up and I really felt Celeste’s sense of revulsion when she realized Mary Louise hired a PI to follow her around. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Celeste having a sex life,

Jul 12 2019

Conan’s doing OK. If downsizing the show has left more time for his foreign trips and the podcast, which I really love, then it’s great. 

Jul 11 2019

I would appreciate if media would cease calling it ‘recruitment’ and call it ‘procuring’. On account of it’s not a football scholarship. Am I spitting into the wind with that?

Jul 10 2019

...but McGrath is a self-described moderate who believes the Democrats currently running for president are veering too far to the left. She doesn’t support eliminating private insurance under a Medicare-for-all plan, nor does she support subsidizing healthcare for undocumented immigrants. She also describes herself as Read more

Jul 10 2019

Sometimes the writers here come off as living in a bubble. 

Jul 3 2019

Like most reading this article, I was born after busing came and went. I remember some discussion of the policy when I was a kid. My mom (who is very much pro-desegregation) mentioned something about issues with young students spending way too much time in their bus commutes being a real problem. The idea was that Read more