The number of liberals that supports Hamas is kind of amazing.
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This is pretty disappointing coming from Elizabeth Warren. THERE WAS NO HAMAS VIOLENCE Read more

He’s very popular in the Midwest. Read more

Can you ask your basketball source how come LeBron gets to travel every time he touches the ball as if he were Le’Veon Bell waiting for the hole to develop? Read more

Why just the Koch brothers? Why are you not including people like George Soros? Read more

I second this. Living here in Houston, I’ve heard Brown’s name thrown around for trade since the hold-out started. Seeing that the o-line has held up relatively ok since Watson took over, it was a good move to get some secondary help where they are sorely lacking. Read more

Totally. Ashley Judd was from a family of established artists and had resources to fall back on. In saying that, I intend to minimize neither the bravery it took for her to reject Jabba the Weinstein nor the price she almost certainly paid for her resistance - I have no doubt that having a voice like hers speaking Read more

what scares me is that by the time you hear a story like this, it’s been watered down... I’m sure that there are way worse accounts... Read more

Yeah, what the fuck was that? “Here’s something we should REALLY be concerned about, not my little dalliances.” What a garbage person. Read more

Did his PR team tell him to use the NRA to deflect in his press statement or was that his own idea? What a fuckhead.
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Do you actually not think that the flag and anthem hold a special connection and significance to our military? Read more

The consumers like it? They also eat up the Camry, does that mean it’s also a good design? Nobody buys a Lexus or Toyota because they’re beautiful, they buy them because they’re reliable. Almost every Toyota product at this point is selling DESPITE it’s horrific “design”. Have you seen the new Prius? Read more

... Yes it is. It is deliberately choosing which of a plant’s genes to pass on and which ones to try to exclude.

You’re just engaging in selective definitions. Read more

you may want to visit your local walmart vision center for an eye exam Read more

Someone missed out on Gregor Mendel in school. Read more

Even if the speed was measured, the driver cannot be held accountable. 1 kilometer per hour can be gained or lost by simply changing the air pressure in the tires or replacing them with fresh ones. It’s why there is a general understanding not to ticket for less than 5 (mph) over. It’s a waste of time and money for Read more

Did I read this right? The cop falsely claimed to have measured the speed and is not being disciplined? Read more

It’s true, a marginally better QB makes all the difference when you have no receivers anybody’s ever heard of and a defense approaching 100% turnover due to retirements and suspensions. Read more

Why do runners feel so entitled to their running that they feel like they can freely poop like this? This is not an uncommon problem, from what I understand. You can stop running to poop in a Starbucks,  even run home to poop. It will be ok! You are not less of a runner for pooping indoors. But you are less of a Read more

Wait, you’re trying to blame the husband? WTF? Read more