The fundamental change is that she’s in charge. She never said she didn’t like or was forced to make the content itself, only that she didn’t have a say on when/how much/for how long. Read more

Strange how these dipshits whine that banning people spewing the N-Word, harassing Trans individuals, or claiming that drinking bleach will cure COVID is “violating the user’s free speech”, but they draw the line at mocking the petulant billionaire upset that he’s being clowned on. Read more

Even funnier are the Musk stans running around defending it as "his company his rules" ignorant of the "free speech" Musk promised.  Read more

Jeezus one of these days they’re going to look up in the sky, sees a rainbow and throw a ragefit on how God has abandoned them. Read more

“forcing” - the only people in this story trying to force others to do something are the whiny QAnon parents. Read more

Others were concerned that the mural was discriminatory towards Christian beliefs. Read more

Conservatives literally can’t go five minutes without abusing children. Read more

This is one of the few instances where I’m like “Can we put a red circle on the part you’re talking about? I literally see nothing out of the ordinary here.”

Like... the kid PAINTED. A MURAL. Do you know how much I would have been terrified of doing that? I wouldn’t have been that brave (people criticizing my artwork), Read more

The current headline for this article is misleading/clickbait. This is not a Genshin Impact Mural. It is a mural with an element of Genshin Impact. Perhaps the headline could read; Middle School Mural with Element of Genshin Impact Has Some Parents Calling it Satanic. Read more

Attendee: “None of us are that stupid.” Read more

Right Wingers are the biggest snowflakes on the fucking planet I swear lol. Read more

“None of us are that stupid.””

oooh, slow down there for a moment, hon. Read more

A conservative-identifying parent Read more

Man I’m really happy I’m not Bible-Belt-level religious and/or conservative. Couldn’t imagine living my life with that much hatred in my heart. Read more

Rest in peace hero, it takes courage, selflessness and honor as a human being to put your life on the line for strangers rather than some who just go around talking about doing it for the social recognition yet they never do. Its sad that his sacrifice almost didn’t get noticed by the media. Read more

Think I’ve teared up three times reading this site: Mike’s struggle with gaming addiction, Mike’s story about being in a coma, and today reading this tribute. Read more

So conservative stands for hateful bigots who want to bomb people?
Read more

More proof cancelling fascists always works. These guys melt at the first exposure of weakness. Read more

So the whole point of this place was to harass and scare people off the internet, but then as soon as they’re outsmarted (as they claim they were targeted, which lead to them being shut down) suddenly it’s unfair and an injustice? Read more

Oh they don’t care that someone is great a video game in general; they are only mad because this is a woman. They feel threatened by a girl being better than them, which is both ridiculous and sad. Read more