Dec 9 2015

Pie > Cake...why ruin pie like this? Mary Shelly in all her wisdom warned us of pushing things to far, thus resulting in abomination.

Nov 24 2015

You could publish all of the dirty letters I used to write my girlfriend in highschool. I was good. About 5 years after school, I saw her mom and she said to me “Yeah, I found some of the letters you used to write.” That was it. That’s all she said. Although she said a lot more with the deep piercing look of her sweet Read more

Nov 13 2015

she collapsed on the sidewalk, where she was licked by a dog being walked by a man who didn’t stop to help.
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Nov 3 2015

I feel a tiny portion of this poor woman’s pain.

When my family found out my father had been abusing me from age 7 to 14, they absolutely refused to believe me. They called me a liar and ostracized me from the family.

Never mind the fact I had written about it in my diary when I was 7, 8, 9, and 10. Never mind the Read more

Nov 3 2015

As someone who was assaulted by a person described by his defenders as “the most Christ-like person they know,” I feel I can say all these God-fearing folks are doing a terrible job encouraging conversion.

Nov 2 2015

The actress claims she asked the children if they’d seen their mother, Nicole Kidman, recently, or planned to do so. Read more

Oct 29 2015

Do they really think that whining about the tone and content of questions makes them appear presidential? Or that questions like this will stop if they become president?