Tatiana Danger
11:12 AM

You know, I’m a guy. I like girls, and am even married. Guys just don’t do it for me. Not my bag. Read more

11:07 AM

I am going to provide absolutely zero useful commentary here, and say that god, I find Jeffrey Dean Morgan embarrassingly attractive. (Even from behind, even when he’s wielding Lucille.) I can’t even figure out if he’s a decent actor or not, which is the ridiculous thing.

9:52 AM

A Supreme Court justice, ideally, is not a Democrat or a Republican but rather someone who can impartially evaluate complicated legal issues irrespective of politics. Read more

8:00 PM

The Bohrok were the coolest Bionicle enemies, hands down. Ball forms, jutting head attack that retracted, and an “evil mask” system to rival the Toa’s masks! Read more

7:27 AM

I was a massive Bionicle fan back in the day, and to be honest I think this new villains line is kind of bad. The colour schemes are garish, the designs are barebones (and not in a good way) and while it’s nice they seem to be using less specialised elements earlier villains like the Barraki were far better looking. Read more

6:54 AM

As someone who used to play with the original line of Bionicle (I still have them somewhere in my closet), I find the rebooted Bionicle bad. I know that a few years back they did a "Legends" series that was a bunch of old models re-released and that was extremely dissapointing too. It's sad, but I thought it would end Read more

10:30 PM

Sometimes I fantasize about having an extra room all to myself and how I would decorate my “lady cave.” It would have a velvet couch, lacquered walls, sparkly textiles, a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and a Champagne fridge.

10:23 PM

Elsewhere, Cattrall is pretty happy with the way her life has gone. She’s painted her bedroom pink and sleeps in the middle of her king size bed where she farts and snores as she pleases. Isn’t that what we all want? Read more