Tareim - V8 powered
Jul 12
Obscure Rally Car

I was lucky enough to go to a private test day where there was some interesting cars going round including a group 4

Jun 21
Hour Rule

Since Cleetus has got himself a Drift Corvette I’ve had a sudden want for a C5, unfortunately I don’t have a spare

Feb 8
New wiring loom

So ever since my breakdown in the TR7 late last year I’ve been experiencing different electrical related issues 

Dec 10
Broken Down...

Last night I went through the rite of passage with a classic car, tough starting the car in the cold, dash lights

Oct 21
THICC Tyres...

Finally decided on some tyres for my TR7, never used Nankang before and this was pretty much the best choice that I

Oct 7
TR7 Project Update

Been awhile since I’ve updated OPPO on my TR7 V8 project, it was delayed for a little bit due to me breaking my

Aug 25 2019
Electric Chopper

Now I’m not typically a bike person, but I came across this after a friend shared it on facebook, now I’m intrigued

Jul 26 2019
I'm broken

So tonight I broke my ankle playing football, first time I’ve ever broken a bone and whilst it really really hurt it

Jul 23 2019
It's alive!

Currently have a massive grin on my face because the v8 is finally up and running in the car 😁

Jul 21 2019
More project updates

Further progress has been made although a little bit behind schedule, the carpet has been removed which appears to

Jul 16 2019
TR7 Update

So I bought a TR7 of ebay recently without viewing beforehand (yeah I know bad idea) as it had an mot and supposedly

Jul 14 2019
New 'weekend' Toy

This morning I got up stupidly for a 320 mile round trip to pick up my new to me weekend toy, I’ve been wanting a

Jun 7 2019
Oppopinions needed

I’m planning on visiting your country next year around august (not finalised dates yet, was initially thinking