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Nov 19

“I know it’s two different writers”

Honestly not being rude or snarky here, but I don’t think you do. Because if you did, your post would have ended right there.

Different writers have different opinions. There is no one singular “Kotaku” voice/opinion, And even if we did take that claim at face value, I see nothing Read more

Sep 16

I mean I would say a hospital bill is a much bigger prospect than anyone with an office- I got medical bills in the thousands for having a procedure at a hospital within my network. Also my insurance likes to send me flyers encouraging me to see a provider not at a hospital despite the fact my doctor is the only Read more

Feb 14

Let's see where all these Millennial guys land on the subject in 10 years (having inevitably packed on 20 more pounds and approaching age 50). Gen-X-men-on-TV Corden, Colbert, and Kimmel have all acknowledged wearing spanx (because you do whatcha gotta do). Meanwhile, women have been enduring the “beauty=pain” thing

Feb 11

They entered the market as illegal cabs (postmates/other couriers are exempt from this) with the attractive offer of rides cheaper than normal cabs. Raising prices would likely hasten their deaths as people would complain about the price hikes and go back to their existing alternatives of driving and other transit. Read more

Feb 10

Basically, you are only worried about the benefits to you, carry on.

Feb 1

The Todd Philips film was clearly written as something else and shoehorned into that universe, whereas hers was made from it. Read more

Jan 31

And just as a side note, Democrats should not go around treating the Washington Examiner as a good faith resource.

Nov 28

There were a lot of beats in the early parts of Melissa's story that felt familiar. I think what people don't comprehend in these situations is that the feelings you have for a partner don't flick off like a switch during a violent outburst. When I was processing what had happened I was still negotiating things with Read more

Nov 28

Hey Caitlin, I appreciate the way you wrote up the Melissa Benoist blurb. Seems like a lot of the internet is focused on identifying her partner at that time (which I gather is pretty obvious), but I can’t help but think that she didn’t name him because that’s not the takeaway she wanted for us.  Thanks for staying on Read more

Oct 29 2019

Meanwhile Amazon, Exxon,General Electric, Verizon, and others paid no federal income tax, but yes go after these few cases to distract us from how we are being screwed by big corporations.

Oct 24 2019

Spotlight won an Oscar for telling the story of how the Boston Globe reporters had to fight against politicans, the Archdiocese, attorneys, etc.  to get the story of the Catholic Church covering up the abuse of children. Read more

Oct 24 2019

If this were the only piece he wrote, yes. But instead he wrote Pulitzer-Prize articles about the victims first. Then years later wrote this book. Would it never be okay for him to tell his story?

Oct 24 2019

They’re both stories. One doesn’t negate the other. It’s weird to insist that he doesn’t have a story to tell and that he has to contrive to make it all about him is a weird one.

Oct 24 2019

If your job is such that you don’t want people knowing who you are, perhaps you should be questioning your life choices. Read more

Oct 24 2019

This is a seriously awesome take after reading an article which directly explains the harm caused by the performers real names being public. Although, apparently the deranged people that target them are not at fault, it is on them for choosing that profession in the first place. Read more

Oct 24 2019

YES. I mean, clearly Megan was just looking for a different book. I think the tone of this review really does an injustice to Ronan. This story is a fascinating look into the behind the scenes power, why this story had never been able to be told before, and what it took to get it out. I think the women’s story is Read more

Oct 24 2019

This is a really perfect encapsulation of what the book is about, and it’s not like books about reporting a story are a new thing. Somehow, I doubt that if a journalist wrote a book about reporting in a war zone, and how scared they were being in the midst of that, that Megan would complain that this somehow Read more

Oct 24 2019

It seems pretty clear to me that in the course of reporting the Weinstein story - which was presumably first a piece for NBC TV, which by necessity morphed into a print article when it moved to The New Yorker - a second story started to emerge. It’s literally in the title of this book, “Catch & Kill.” Killing Farrow’s Read more