For those not involved with LEOs or the LE profession:

SWAT isn’t what you call in when you expect a situation to de-escalate.

They are not the unit that is called in for concerns that could be better handled by beat cops.

They are not now—nor have they ever—been the unit that provides welfare checks, mental health Read more

if not, take the thief. who uses a red mage? Read more

I’m not worried... There are a zilean ways to bring him back. Read more

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Worth noting that ARAM stands for “All Random, All Mid,” which comes from an improvisational mode of play in the original DotA — everyone sticks to the singular middle lane, and everyone selects a random character via random select button. From there the goal is the same as normal: destroy the enemy’s towers and core Read more

I once found the King. Everyone should bow...

I agree with a lot of your points, Jason (seriously, putting better-than-VoG gear on a vendor was a terrible move), but I swear, sometimes I feel like I'm taking crazy pills when people complain about your gear increasing your level. It's literally the EXACT SAME THING as an item level in any other MMO. All Bungie did Read more

Great interview Brian. I'm even more excited for XV having read this (not sure how that's even possible). Read more

Nice to see someone link Maximilian, he really deserves the attention. One of the most positive guys in the fighting game community and is easily doing more good things for it than any other one individual. Just an all around cool dude. Read more

It really comes down to two seperate points. who had the advantage at that moment in time, and who would have won at that moment in a time out situation. Taking the respective players out of it, IMO, a level 2 x-factor Dark Phoenix backed with Doom Missles has an advantage over a X-factor level 3 Akuma. I'll concede Read more

Shame you feel that this game is a waste of time and money, while i didnt read the whole review I very much got the impression is getting review is knocking the game for what it could of been rather then what it is, and what it is is stilla great GTA style game with an interesting twist. Read more

Not in the least; I was pointing out how utterly self-defeating it is to stare down one's nose at others whilst missing the festering zit resting on that selfsame nose. Read more

How often does one get the chance to say "I own more dildos then gaming systems, wanna see?" in life? Read more

They sure spam the LK and MK a whole lot. Read more

This is Makoto from SF3:

Maybe because price matching is a very common thing to do. It's not like the guy threw a hissy fit, he just took his business elsewhere because he wasn't happy with the way this store does things. He then just described what he did colorfully to his friend. Read more


I really hope that someone goes through and takes out all of these hateful comments. Read more

I think flippant, flagrant remarks should always be curtailed. Read more