Sep 6 2019

Having watched every episode of this season’s “Hard Knocks”, I can tell you that your assessment of Jon Gruden is spot on. He’s like amacho” high school math teacher, preening his beer gut in front of the dis-interested girls in class, while casting aspersion on the math abilities of the male students. Seriously, Read more

Sep 6 2019

I don’t follow the Raiders closely but it feels like Gruden is coaching like the host of a reality show. HIS show. All the players are but talent designed to boost him up and make him more of a hero. Any player who looks too big or challenges him needs to be knocked down a peg. Which seems like a great way to alienate Read more

Sep 5 2019

Applause all around. From shipping out Mack to whatever shit this is. Bunch of fucking idiots. Read more

Sep 5 2019

Yeah, when I read that I thought, “If anyone is an authority on being fucked in the head, it’s Drew!”

Sep 5 2019

I’m honestly a little impressed that the Raiders have been able to surprise me with their new levels of incompetence. Fining a talented player over something stupid and then suspending him for being mad about the fines is just a beautifully innovative new way to suck as an organization.

Aug 26 2019

Andrew Luck 2012: *Takes a sack* Great job, man. Insane hustle. You really got me.

Andrew Luck 2019: You even just look at the ceiling and wish you could stop existing? Like, not die, but just POOF and cease being altogether. Maybe it’s nothing but motionless, soundless black. Complete emptiness. Nothingness. But it’s Read more

Aug 25 2019

If there was a young man in literally any other profession who made $100 million before he was 30 and decided to retire, he would be lauded. The Wall Street Journal would write thousands of words of wankery praising his acumen and smarts and god bless America. Read more

Aug 15 2019

I think you’re underrating “Hawaiian Tebow.” Sneaky good burn there.

Aug 15 2019

Nashville is the spiritual home of every suburban girl who claims to be “country at heart” because she owns cowboy boots and her parents are racist. Read more

Aug 14 2019

Yeah.  That was one hell of a downer to end on.  Hope you’re feeling ok today Sam.