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It makes sense that this comparison is more about the line of phones, than the price point itself (5X vs. OPX, and 6P vs. OP2), but I think the OnePlus 2 is a far better phone to compare with the Nexus 5X as they more closely compete by specs and price. The OP2 is $10 more than the 5X, but there are significant Read more

Fuck off with that bullshit. There’s only 12 million undocumented immigrants in the entire US. And maybe you’d like to go pick all the produce that those people pick in the sweltering heat for meager wages. Read more

The latest figures state there are about 38 million people in California. Which are you suggesting: Read more

Yep. Seriously, battery. battery. battery. battery. That’s it for me. Read more

fuck it, now i want a Toblerone Read more

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Rare footage of Sanger's vehicle in action:

That's a coincedence because mine is that I made a Mac vs PC joke and it wasn't 2003. Read more

Which button blasts the mp3 of the imperial march theme? Read more

Gawker Budapest approves this with a glass of Italian Chardonnay!

As a mathematician. Yes. To your last point, unneeded or wasted food: at the movie theater, I always get the eye-rolls from the wannabe cost-calculating machines behind the counter when I deny the larger size. Beyond 16 or 20 oz of soda, I don't care if it's 1 cent for 2 more gallons, it's a waste of money. On your Read more

Yeah, that's why you should also upsize everything, buy in bulk, and encourage obesity. Read more