Does anyone know if they will re release the DLC too? I have been waiting forever to get the last few achievements but couldn't because of the fuck up they had with the original DLC, only heard it expired and couldn't be downloaded.
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well there is gltchless speed runners too
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there were a couple of really ones on Dreamcast Read more

that's what I was thinking, is Muse Classic at all
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Cant recall if its Blade 2 or Blade trinity the fight scene where the two stealth units break into blades HQ, and they are fighting in front of the lights, absolutely bad scene.
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And the suit he stole from the one guy is purple hued. Read more

Is that a Cactuar in a flower pot!!?!! Who would do that to a Cactuar? Read more

One time at the local EB Games, I overheard a couple people asking the store employee if Oblivion ,the elder scrolls game, was made for the Wii. The employee stated they were sold out and to come back again another time. To say the least if your gonna work in a videogame store, know your shit. I havent bought one game Read more

It makes it look like a sequel to the FPS games. Read more

The first one looks like Command and Conquer Read more

That demolition physics.......mind blown Read more

That trailer doesnt have the same feeling as the first Halo wars trailer. Felt a little bland Read more

If you stop the lightning in the video at a certain frame you get a lit up version, and its face doesnt look like the artists interpretation Read more

Those are terrible looking, probably only lights up a few feet in front of you, and at floor level. Read more

they could make it bigger with a prosthetic? like the they did with the chicken, who also has a natural tail even small than the emu's,. Read more

No I did not at all, you said you could not step backwards more than once on photoshop? And you can Read more

I not once said I didnt think people should be able to cross a road, but ive been in a wheelchair and the curbs here didnt stop me. I not once wished paid upon others, I just simply said not everywhere should be handicapped accessible. I only posted it on this page cuz its kinda relevant Read more