Today 2:15PM

I don’t know what led Teigen to so hatefully treat the 16 year-old years ago, and I don’t know enough about this to understand most of it, but I can say with no doubt that there is not one person commenting here that wants any of us to be made aware of their worst moments. Read more

Today 2:07PM

I liked The Searcher a bit better than The Witch Elm but if it was the first book I’d read by a new author, I would not be excited for the next one. I’m still hoping that she goes back to the Dublin detectives.

Today 1:34PM

As a former yoga instructor, I only corrected poses or movements when I was instructing a class. Also, due to liability issues, I never performed touch corrections. As a participant in a class, I would never give unsolicited corrections. Again, this is a liability issue and a boundary issue. Coincidentally, men were Read more

Today 12:49PM

I loved Broken Harbor and Faithful Place, but I was pretty disappointed by The Witch Elm. It had nothing to do with plot lines, although I don’t recall there being that many, it just felt alienating and hollow (like the titular elm). The protagonist’s entire purpose was to be punished for being too privileged and Read more

Today 10:39AM

yeah my bad, lil bit of mistranslation here until google saved me from my mistake.
I thought this was some type of fruit preserves type deal. But it’s clémentine/citron confit, which is indeed totally different ^^

Today 10:19AM

It’s completely different. It’s like comparing a cucumber to a dill pickle. They start the same, but you can’t substitute one for another. This probably isn’t something you would eat raw, like a regular clementine. You would use it as an ingredient in a savory dish. They are going to have a very strong, fragrant, Read more

Today 9:22AM

Nah. I did. And it wasn’t hard, because you’re a gasping fucking moron who insists on making that the world’s problem, when you could sack up and face your obvious deficiencies like an adult. Read more

Today 4:22AM

Does ‘Adguard’ or any other ad blocker ring a bell ? Welcome to 2021 !!!

Yesterday 4:40PM

Clinging to the Reagan-era “welfare queen” view, eh?

Yesterday 1:09PM

And yet, they still haven’t thought of better pay, working conditions, and hours? Seems like they are still pretty much in that box there.
Read more

8/15/19 11:50AM

An easy way to prevent yourself from mansplaining: mentally insert “Little lady,” at the beginning of the sentence you are about to speak. If everything after “little lady” sounds horribly patronizing, don’t say any of it.

8/14/19 6:06PM

“Basically, if a woman hasn’t asked you for help with something or to explain something, then don’t.” THIS. 

8/14/19 3:38PM

Thank you! This is such a great description. Bless you for your patience in explaining.

8/14/19 3:27PM

It’s gendered because, proportionally, it almost always plays out this way, with the man offering unwanted advice to the woman. For many women, this sort of unwanted intervention from men happens all the time. But it’s far less common for a woman to “mainsplain” something to another woman. It just does. not. happen. Read more

8/14/19 3:06PM

Men often find this line hard to locate, I think, because they don’t feel the effects of the gender dynamics. It’s invisible to them because they walk around in a world where men’s experience is the default. But mansplaining isn’t that hard to discern if you’re a woman. It usually has something to do with overstepping Read more

8/14/19 1:57PM

Ya... I’m guessing you’re not a woman. Literally half the time my girlfriend works out on her own she tells me a guy comes up to her to try to explain a movement. Its a thing bro. Read more

8/14/19 1:53PM

If somebody is having trouble figuring out the equipment, you may absolutely offer them a tip! I might start with a question, like “Hey, are you having trouble adjusting that? I can show you...” Read more