We went to war against Iraq for 20 years for oil.... Read more

Recall the antagonist was 78 - Dude would’ve ended up on his ass with a broken hip. Read more

was inadequate, and he believed he was overcharged” Read more

But he would also have to be the gooder good guy with a gun to achieve maximum NRA prophecy. Read more

yet you removed guns from the equation and it probably ends up with 2 black eyes and sore fists. Read more

This all could have been prevented if there had been a third person with a larger, higher-caliber gun who could have defused the situation.  Read more

Let’s not forget the tidbit about Melania initially being introduced to Donnie by none other than Jeffrey Epstein, paragon of healthy, consensual adult relationships. Read more

He has had a few good pics of him smiling but man, the majority seem to always capture a gloomy expression. Read more

Shame Donnie never managed anything as honest as running a brothel.
Read more

Y’all see two grown men holding hands and have a meltdown. Sit down. Read more

Honestly thought she’d be flat-backing for a Saudi Prince by now. Or an elderly Italian with an inheritance estate in Tuscany and a portrait of Mussolini over his bed. Read more

Germany kicking Granddad out of the country despite him having money from his days running a brothel was a perfect predictor for what has happened.  Read more

A percentage of nothing is still nothing. Good luck with that, Melania. Read more

Are... are you comparing the description of noting that a man is very tall (a generally positive attribute), to fat shaming someone? This is a deranged comment.
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Secure your future now. Find a new old rich* dude. Read more

Bootstraps? Let him steal his own money just like dad and his forefathers. If the breathless bigots of the far right propaganda machine are to be believed, all Barron has to do is change his pronouns and run rampant in the WNBA for a fast paycheck. Idiots. Read more

Kid never looks anything but completely miserable. And very pale, even for a pale male. Does he never go outside?  Read more

Yeah, it's obviously the left that's easily triggered, lol. Certainly not the people banning books, getting upset about pronouns in video games, and a billion other examples. Obviously. Read more

It’s just that some people can easily spot stupid assholes. Bob did just that. Read more

What is the liability situation for melting the car behind you? Read more