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Jan 31

they all want to figure out how to gather more money to spend on education, but not figure out why the education costs so much in the first place

Jan 31

Who would these senators target? The website presenting the digital ad to eyeballs in Maryland? The company that purchases ad space if they are based in Maryland? Is mobile included? Is the Bezos/Zuckerberg monster going to be taxed directly? I’m guessing the answer is that anyone old enough to be a senator doesn’t Read more

Jan 30

If you want to have generic ads/no tracking, the best way to do it is to use plugins to block cookies and scripts on sites. You can also set your browser to delete all cookies from your session when you close the window. Read more

Jan 29

Are you not aware that FB builds profiles for everyone (and therefore makes money off of everyone), not just registered users? Read more

Jan 29

That’s Amazon using remarketing ads on Facebook, nothing to do with Facebook linking to your Amazon account. Any site with a Facebook remarketing tag will be able to remarket products to you if you’ve visited them, regardless of whether you have an account with their specific website or not.

Jan 22

Look at it this way, your reporting and this story will probably do more to affect twitter in a positive manner than anything in years.