Nathan Skreslet
Jun 26 2017

Maybe the Mondasians on Mondas are doomed to cannibalize themselves because the colony ship that was supposed to help them evacuate never arrived.  

Mar 15 2017

Still do not get why they’re doing this, after The Book of Life was done so wonderfully.

Sep 29 2016

I really hope that Bungie addresses the problems with the Archons Forge. No one is ever there, and SIVA offerings need to drop more frequently. Read more

Aug 3 2016

I had the exact same thought. She impressed me. Fine performance. Interesting new character/species. Diamond in the rough. Given that Chekov is no more, she would be a logical and amazing character to take his seat (with all due respect to Anton).

May 23 2016

As a concept artist, I think asking that question consistently is really empowering, actually, as long as it’s responded to appropriately. It’s not a “can we fit a female/nonbinary/minority into this character?” sort of thing, it should be moreso “is this character better as something other than a while, straight Read more

May 18 2016

Better yet, here is the inside cover artwork to the game. Kind of makes the one they went with from the actual cover kind of silly.

May 18 2016

Noticed it right away as well. When trailer came out, I thought: “That’s brilliant!”. :)

Mar 7 2016

This seems appropriate. RIP you wonderful designer, you.