2:39 PM

There’s something very meta about writing five paragraphs about how people won’t stop writing about this even though there’s nothing to write about.
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4:40 PM

What’s annoying to me is that Sherman is so desperate to get that sweet Youtuber drama payoff so bad, she doesn’t even mention the bigger points in the story about the two shitheads at the center of a “contamination” of makeup story.  She doesnt’ want to offend their stans or fans, but get their attention and shares Read more

3:10 PM

Yet the practice you’re decrying here is something that jezebel writers engage in CONSTANTLY. 

9:08 PM

Did you seriously start a new burner just to write irritable replies at Rooo and to ask about her in the SNS thread, as if anyone would have anything to tell you other than that she’s a loooooooong time commented on G/O sites? What’s your damage bro? Was she mean to you on your real kinja?

10:10 PM

That was the point, though. They were using average people who had amateur interests in history but no real knowledge of it. The goal of the shows was to show people the reality of life in that time period, that it wasn't all rag dolls, pies, and horseback rides.

2:18 PM

Wendy accused her mother of faking an injury. And it’s not like Wendy isn’t known for being a shit-stirring liar. As for her recent drama, most of it she herself manufactured because of her own pathological lying. First she lied about being addicted, then copped to it when it was about to be made public, then she lied Read more

12:39 PM

Wendy claimed Christie faked a major injury to further Sailor’s career. An injury that needed surgery and likely will lead to some permanent change to her life at her age. With no proof to back up her nasty claims. All because she’s still bitter that she was sent home so fast when she participated on DWTS. Wendy Read more

11:24 AM

Oh puleeze. She hasn’t stolen anything, and supporting the tone of this article does nothing to be more inclusive of people of different sizes. Save your white feminism ire for people who deserve it, like maybe white people who wrote this article snarking on a non-white person.

5:18 PM

It’s finally happened! After 12 years of waiting, I got my voucher for subsidized housing! I’m super thrilled and slightly panicking. I can’t afford to move until I sell my RV, but I can’t sell my RV until I have someplace to move. I feel a little stressed about it, but I just keep reminding myself that I’ve done Read more

3:37 PM

From my experience “bringing the community together to address race” means hosting an awkward diversity training session where black attendees do unpaid emotional labor “educating” everyone on their experiences, while white attendees take a frustratingly long time to grasp the basic concepts of racism. And then they Read more