Aug 20 2016

That thing is utterly brilliant; I’ve driven a Lotus and it was nothing like one. It just danced across the road, cornered at unbelievable speeds, and the gearbox and finish is quite nice; almost Porsche Boxster/ Cayman level! And the sounds was ungodly; its the same engine from the 500 Abarth but with no muffler Read more

Aug 1 2016

I’ll be sure to do that! Have a few other test drives scheduled for that week with some pretty interesting cars, so stay tuned ;-)

Jul 30 2016

Well lets hope. Currently the 718 Boxster S is the best car I’ve ever driven; interested to see how this one will be.

Jul 29 2016

I really wonder if they will be a bargin in a few year.. or if they will go up since its almost a limited run...

Jun 30 2016

Nice review Doug! The manual F-Type is a very nice car indeed. I work for a Jag dealership and out of the 60 or so F-Types we’ve had only one has been a manual; and luckily I got to drive it!

Jun 27 2016

I would say to the average person the 981 sounds a bit better; for me though I quite like this a lot. It almost sounds like a 356 or something; its a really interesting sound.

Jun 22 2016

Nice! Its an interesting car.. but I dont think it drives as awesome as some people claim..