sunshine bear in a world of grey
5:41 PM

Fuck those twats right off, Maya. I will always spend my last dollar on my babies. My heart breaks for you honey, Ollie was such a special little fellow. He'll never truly leave you but I know that is small comfort while it's still so raw. Just keep dismissing the fuckers and let yourself grieve. ❤

5:20 PM

I’m fracking exhausted this week. I have today (Sunday) off, and I've decided that I'm not getting out of my nightie and I'm going to sit and binge Netflix and perhaps get uber eats. Screw being a responsible adult today! I'm running out of my 2019 quota of fucks.

8:06 PM

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks since my last post. I flat out told my work that I simply cannot be responsible for the whole venue as a shift, I much prefer looking after my own area and my own team instead of trying to sort shit out in the kitchen or cafe or wherever. And they are on board! So at the moment Read more

5:55 PM

Omg hard same. I’ve not taken care of myself at all! Chef saw me the other day and basically said “when was the last time you at a full meal that contained a vegetable?” and I had no answer for him. Next thing I know, there’s a goddamn steak and a mountain of veggies in front of me. 

5:22 PM

I’ve had an absolutely massive week with work - went to Sydney for an expo for 4 days, so I’m beyond ratshit exhausted. It’s Sunday morning here in Oz, and I was supposed to work today but my body has rebelled something fierce in the form of a most disgruntled tummy, and a headache sitting at the base of my skull. Read more

5:19 PM

We lost my great-aunt this week. She was 98 and an absolute badass woman. Mind like a steel trap, filled with so much knowledge! I’m gonna miss our chats. My mam is gutted; Aunty was like a second mother to her. But at least Aunty and her brothers and sisters are all together again - and talking like absolute crazy, Read more

4:45 PM

This is actually sweet to read! I’ve always had a soft spot for JoJo, thanks to Dance Moms. She’s working her butt off, and good on her! I just hope she doesn’t fall too hard once the wave is over.

7:56 PM

I didn’t have this show either (we Aussie kids had something still wholesome called Play School) but I watched this trailer and teared right up. I don’t know how you Americans/Canucks are going to make it through the whole movie!!