sunshine bear in a world of grey
5:57 PM

I dare say some of the most vocal amongst them are the ones that would feel that they aren’t a real parent if they foster/adopt. The mindset that you have to physically birth the child to be a real parent is dangerous and nauseating.

7:16 PM

Yooo, I’ve been watching Miracle Workers and am loving it! Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buschemi is a combination I didn’t know I needed until I got it. I’ve also smashed through Letterkenny, and Becoming a God in Central Florida. So good!

7:13 PM

This has been a whirlwind of a week. Sunday night, the Australian PM said that all pubs and clubs must cease operations as of midday Monday. Guys, I’ve never seen my boss so broken or despondent. All day Monday we were making plans and arrangements on how best to ease the sting for 130 employees. Suffice to say I got Read more

6:58 PM

My dudes. I have had a win!!! I received word from my state’s Victims of Crime department and they BELIEVE ME. All the facts laid out to them in black and white and they are on my side. And they have paid me the highest amount available for the nature of the crime, plus lost wages. So to celebrate, I took myself off

5:45 PM

I love drag race. Yes Ru has plenty problematic moments, but the show and the queens on the whole are a delight. I genuinely don’t think I can watch this season, especially after learning a spoiler. Sherry Pie made my skin crawl during the promos and before all this was unearthed, but now? Hngh. Read more

11:29 PM

Thank you goddess, that's good to know. I'll definitely be bringing it up in therapy tomorrow. I think maybe I'm absorbing everyone else's stress as well which isn't helping. 

9:11 PM

Oh I'm always pushed to the side when she's around, it's been like that forever. I'm the youngest, there's a 10 year gap between us, and this is her miracle baby to boot. She's moving in with mum and dad because she doesn't have a place to live (which, fair enough) and her job in Germany was made redundant in the Read more

7:31 PM

So, I’ve had a pretty big few weeks. Work has been frenetic, we had a major tournament (something we’ve hosted for years) and this year we were broadcast on Fox Sports for the first time! But then on the downhill, we had an investigation from my state’s gaming/gambling regulator which did NOTHING for my Read more

6:40 PM

I do, because growing up in cyclone territory it was pretty mandatory to be prepared! Water purification tablets and filter paper, solar charger for my phone etc, canned food, batteries with a solar charger, radio. 

7:40 PM

Ummmm, so after all your cheerleading the wheels fell off the wagon a bit. Ran a promo on Wednesday night and it went pear shaped and wrong, which resulted in me having a full tilt meltdown and harming myself. I'm doing ok now but I have received a harsh wake up call that I am simply not ready. 

8:02 PM

I actually feel good at the moment. Thursday was an unprovoked hard day but I've had an okay Friday and a good Saturday. And my Sunday is looking promising! Thanks for your support xoxo