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Agreed. The premiere worked for me for two reasons: Read more

Counterpoint : if you don’t read the comics, avoided the chatter and conjecture all summer and just watched the show last night, like I did, it was totally worth it. Read more

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Funny, I loved the movie, but I thought the unmasking was the least effective part. I guess it played differently to younger viewers. But my reaction was like Winston Wolf and Jimmy in Pulp Fiction; I thought he looked like a dork.

And here he is stretching out his hands:

I don’t know about you but Trump seems a little turned on by Barney Frank’s nipples in that tweet. The lady doth protest too much.
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Is she a nice lady? I don’t know. I get nothing from her. It’s like she’s just a blank space where a person should be... Read more

Momoa’s Aquaman looks like he belongs to a motorcycle gang, The Sons of Anchovy or something ... Read more

Being coherent is great; you should try it some it some time. Read more

Katrina Pierson is the new spokesperson for stupid. After this is over, I hope I no longer have to hear about her. Read more

Utah is one of the most visually amazing states I’ve ever driven through.
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I would poop my pants. Oh, and die. I would definitely die. Read more

“It smells like garlic here.” Read more

Why don’t you just mix it all up in a blender and suck it through a straw. Makes just as much sense.
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I think you’ve hit on the new must-have product—pizza fleshlight!
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Except, pizza is best eaten hot, and beer is best had cold. Read more