The Stroking Van Dykes
Jul 28

Fun fact: Our debt is cast in a currency that we can print at will. No. Seriously. That’s been the point and why Nixon did what he did. If you are the de facto world currency and your debt is cast in that currency and you can essentially wipe it out at anytime, you’ve won. Inflation, yeah, sure, but it’s the Read more

Jun 23

$1500-2000 max. It’s a messy project built on a  30 year old bike that sucked when new. It’s not even stanced correctly with that stock fork. It would try to high side you while pulling out of your driveway. 

Jun 19

I’ve watched a water drop firefighting plane in Croatia from about a kilometer way from th blaze and it amazing. The pilots are fucking nuts.

Jun 13

Late to this party, but a high quality practical joke back in the 90s was to send a Hoveround rep to do a home demo at your boss/wife’s ex/asshole across the streets house.

Jun 12

This thing would get you pulled over by the cops in Tennessee ..... to talk about how cool it is. We built an “urban assault VW Fox.” Welded on a bunch of scrap boiler plate, rattle canned it with a “city camo” pattern, put a roof top escape hatch with a turret made out of an old cast iron water heater. Cops pulled us Read more

Jun 11

I can rapidly deploy a custom solution for DB connectivity to a customer in Swift with an intuitive interface in a day. The Android port is a telling Swift to compile for Android after some tweaks. 3 days. The port for any MS platform takes a month and, invariably, had a library from MS with a security hold the size Read more