The Stroking Van Dykes
3:11 PM

Or it could be a legitimate question. Seriously, I had no idea that this weekend was the Daytona 500. I lost track of NASCAR sometime around 2001. 

6:14 PM

They will eat you. No shit. Guy I knew sat down with a handle of Beam and his .45. Somewhere about halfway through the label, he decided to put that .45 in his mouth and buhbye. He had several cats and no real relations. When he didn’t come into work for a week his job had a wellness check done by the cops. Cats will Read more

7:12 AM

The data that Google uses is absolutely not anonymous, even if you don’t sign in. Don’t buy into that. Google maps is a great tool, but they are selling commuting patterns and those patterns are down to the individual level. They gather phone numbers and IMEI numbers of phones. These are easily cross referenced.

2:28 PM

You mean “The US?” My colleague from Germany was struck by a car in Texas. The hospital demanded payment upon discharge for his injuries, a figure reaching $20000, because “America.” He couldn’t make the payment and had provided his insurance from Germany, which is completely usable here in the US. Nope. They wanted Read more

7:44 PM

Two high Output led headlights and a brake light setup to match and “homemade” title and that thing is legal in TN too. You can put any piece of shit on the road there.

11:33 AM

The H3 was not bad. I am not saying it is was as versatile as the JK Wrangler or even near as capable, but it was good off road and had ok on-road characteristics. Despite the fuel sucking evil of its compatriots, it was also not bad in that department.

3:48 PM

My dad had the shorter version. It was amazing. Pearl white with a just barely tan interior. Row your own insanity on the highway. 100mph in a driving snowstorm nuts. He traded it for a 928.