Feb 22 2016

I feel like they should be hot, but they aren’t. Like, all the elements for hoteness are there: the eyes, the cheekbones, and the handymanliness. But they just arent’t hot. BUT THEY SHOULD BE! And that angers me.

Feb 20 2016

I am so cranky this week so I am hiding on my couch cuddling with this cutie pie. She thinks my arm is a couch.

Feb 20 2016

How is everyone tonight? I’m feeling super accomplished and adult-y. I’m starting my new job on Monday, so I spent all day prepping meals and they smell delicious and I want to eat them all. Read more

Feb 18 2016

Caitlyn Jenner SHOULD get more shit for her beliefs than her gender identity, since her beliefs are stupid, and she had basically nothing to do with being trans. So, yay, if that’s the way it’s going down for her.
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Feb 17 2016

Taste is so subjective. I’m bisexual but I’ve always kind of thought Jennifer Lawrence has a potato-y face and just is not my type personality or looks-wise. Read more

Feb 7 2016

I cannot even count how many Superbowl Half Time shows I have seen, upwards of 35 and this is bar none the worst ever. Not Beyonce, not Bruno Mars, not Coldplay, it was the melding of all of them. It was lackluster, stupid and desperate.

Feb 6 2016

Honestly, if I were him I’d be a little confused by the whole group hang and what were the rules deal. Also, bartenders in my experience both working with and dating tend to be enormous flirts by habit; usually their job depends on it and they can’t always separate it out. Read more

Jan 31 2016

Yeah it’s def like a very decent high school production. Mostly it’s coming off like everyone is doing their best impressions of their movie counterpart with very mixed results.