Oct 18

My first name is hard to pronounce and the jokes I had from teachers and students hurt.  He worked with her for years so he knows how to pronounce her name.  It won’t matter though. Hopefully in a few weeks he can call her Mrs. Vice President elect.   

Oct 18

In my experience, when someone has a hard to pronounce name (not Kamala. A first grader can say “Kamala” with no difficulty), they get very happy when you say it right or ask them how to pronounce it so you can say it right. A politician, of all people, would understand that. it’s obviously not really about saying her Read more

Oct 18

Wow. It is not hard to do your best at pronouncing someone’s name. Yes, some languages have phonemes that don’t show up in others. Even so, people understand this and are fine if you do your best. A good faith effort and an apology go a long way. And Perdue can’t get over a bit of confusion on emphasis in her name? Read more

Oct 12

wow check out this hot all character creations matter take

Oct 6

People that buy Early Access games, then complain that they’re buggy drive me crazy. They even say in the Steam description, “there are plenty of issues present.” So to go in expecting anything else just doesn’t make sense.

Oct 2

I don’t want him to die because then he’d never see the inside of a federal prison. I wish him a long, humiliating life behind bars, addled for years with painful and disfiguring health complications.

Oct 1

Scott doesn’t have a seat at the table, he’s under the table and Mitch McConnell is resting is withered-ass feet on Scott’s belly. Read more

Sep 30

Some men can't be bullied or reasoned with. They don't want anything logical like money. Some men and women just don't care if they get told by their leadership to drink bleach.

Sep 30

Like they will acknowledge the media ever giving them equal treatment. The media is always going to be the enemy. All that shit does is give them quotes to push their agenda. Read more

Sep 22

My love of Supergiant Games’ games has only grown! So much so that I’ve handpainted and themed a part of my house after Transistor. Hades is no exception!

Sep 21

Yes, because naming streets all over America after MLK ushered in an era of peace and harmony all across the land....

Sep 20

Unless real systemic and social change occurs and the police are brought to justice, it's performative and crass.

Sep 10

Yeah, and it’s possible to lock the records down to people who only need access. Read more