May 9 2018

I’m glad I’m not the only person who thinks this is what happened! Kanye only asked about the first half of the lyric on the video, not the second (“I made that bitch famous”), and I could easily see Kanye having not writte it yet and, Kanye being Kanye, assuming Taylor had given him blanket consent. Taylor only ever Read more

Mar 11 2018

So my family did this. It actually worked fine for years until she got older and crawling through the hole became too uncomfortable for her. So she started peeing in the exact same spot in the living room every day. She always was a clever, passive-aggressive little shit. I figured it out because whenever I was Read more

Nov 8 2017

Speaking a white-passing woman to a white guy, one thing you can do is not enter black spaces and vomit your white guilt all over the comment section. People here are just trying to kick back, relax, and vent about white supremacy the same way you would vent about your shitty boss or awful mother-in-law or Wall Read more