Notice how I wrote “random violent crime”. Read more

Something like 99% of EV owners charge exclusively in their own attached garage. Read more

Something like 99% of EV owners charge exclusively at home in their garage. Public charger usage is relatively rare, statistically. Read more

Never having to pump gas again is one of many advantages to buying an EV. Read more

If you are going to have a gun on your hip during a traffic stop, don’t then also be aggressive to the cops. He didn’t get killed just for having a gun. You also might have missed that the gun was on the floorboard, out of its holster, meaning he either unholstered his gun or had a loose gun available during the stop. Read more

This would never have happened with a real car, worst case would be a recovery guy came out with a can of gas. Read more

No one is trapped in the Tesla. There are mechanical releases for the front doors within reach. Corvettes have had electric doors with separate mechanical releases for years. I do agree that as a rental that Hertz is to blame. There is driver education needed here. The L2 J1772 adapter is pointless, they should have Read more

not sure about the S or X models, but the 3 and i’m pretty sure the Y, both come with wheel covers. It’s an aero thing.
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I think this is not much different than Tesla selling their carbon credits, the more revenue they can generate from competing cars the more diversified they are.  I will not be surprised when one day "superchargers" are spun off as an I dependant company Read more

ohh such a breaking news story Read more

The 5-10% of usage that needs to use the generator during peak usage doesn’t make the remaining 90% moot. Read more

Seems like a good idea to have a backup. If they lose power (which does happen) there’s a lot of people stuck out there in the middle of nowhere. Are we sure what exactly this diesel generator is for? Is it for backup? Is it just for the chargers, or is it for the gas station and other facilities in general. Lots of Read more

When are the diesel generators used? My guess is that its surge capacity only . Can you imagine what kind of a load 98 EV’s charging would take? Even if we assume a relatively slow charging rate of 100 KW you are talking about 10 MEGAWATTS of power. Allow me to illustrate 10 megawatts of solar.

You do realize Tesla makes the batteries as well right? And it is not like you can just toss a bunch of cells unto the casing willy nilly. They need support and heat dissipation designed and crafted for the lower number of cells. That takes time and money while a software lock is easy as shit. Read more

Except that battery pack needs different tooling, and they need to order materials and store them which would be at a smaller scale than if they just used the bigger packs so volume discounts go down. there are a lot of factors that go into it beyond just “swapping part A with part B”. Read more

I mean, does it though?

So glad the dealer laws here in North Carolina are there to me protect from buying directly from a manufacturer. I’d hate to get taken advantage of. Read more

So do Teslas if owners read the damn manual: Read more

It’s not lying if the owners manual explicitly states this up front: “Rated driving range is based on EPA-rated consumption in the United States, which deviates from tests advertised and performed in other jurisdictions.” “Displayed range is based on regulating agency certification (EPA) and is not adapted based on Read more

I have a Tesla Model 3 and have road tripped it a few times. Read more