Dec 18 2017

Because they will snap that very, very valuable land up and sit on it until it has been repaired. Once things return to normal, they will sell it at a premium to wealthy people who want vacation homes. Read more

Dec 13 2017

I need white liberals to stop trying to “fix” everyone else’s communities once and for all and go work on their own, because clearly the call is coming from inside the house.

Dec 7 2017

I mean... I guess. I swear... There could be a movement called #allblackgirlsareblack and there will be someone (or plenty of people) asking for inclusion that is not a black girl/women.

Nov 27 2017

When Mike Brown was killed by Darren Wilson, the NYT’s response was, “Mike Brown was no angel.” When Dylann Roof killed 9 black people in a church, the NYT’s response was, “How could this angel have gone so wrong?” Read more

Nov 21 2017

Welcome! As long as you dont live anywhere too rural most spiders are pretty live and let live. You dont poke them with a stick, they wont bite your leg and make it turn green and fall off.

Nov 17 2017

What the Hell are you talking about? No one that pays attention to the news and Twitter could say this. Nancy Pelosi has tweeted about tax bill daily. Every single House Democrat voted against it. Even the Blue dogs. the Dems have been totally unified in opposition. They have put out Statements in opposition. They’ve Read more

Nov 17 2017

I feel like they’ve been mostly silent this entire Trump presidency. Every now and then one might pipe up, but...yeah, where are they? Now Franken is probably going to get kicked out and replaced by a Republican or a corporate paid-for Dem that falls in line and remains silent. On the other hand, Republicans are all Read more