Mar 2

The only thing African about Black Panther is its visual design; other than that, it’s probably the most ‘Murrican of all the Marvel films. Seriously. It’s one big Stars & Stripes fantasy. Read more

Mar 1

Oof, great point about doing Representation Right. Definitely not something that European fantasy classics thought about, and let’s be real, no one is gonna look at GoT and assume it’s meant to be representative of people from medieval England, whereas people are 100% gonna assume this is meant to represent the Read more

Mar 1

I wouldn’t presume to speak for all Latin Americans, let alone everybody who has been in this position, of course. I did see African critiques of Wakanda pan-Africanism and some thoughtful articles engaging with it as specifically African-American fantasy. But there were probably people who disagreed with that. Read more

Oct 5

I remember coming across a Twitter thread from an actual Medieval historian who debunked this idea that child marriages amongst European nobility were commonly consummated while the bride was still a girl (which includes early-mid teens). It did happen, but only in “emergencies” (which, still very gross) to maintain Read more

Aug 13

Fuck Dancer in the Dark. Fuck it’s ugly misery porn, fuck it’s randomly edited musical sequences, fuck it’s entire point of view, fuck everything about it except maybe one or two of the Bjork songs. Read more

Aug 7

I think you could say the Genie’s pop culture references are in the tradition of Bugs Bunny’s rapid fire allusions in the 40s. I think we tend to forget Warner Bros cartoons had a fair amount of pop culture humour, perhaps because most of us probably didn’t recognise the references on our first viewings

May 15

“Scott shot actual stunt pilots doing incredible things, and one of those pilots, the cameraman Art Scholl, crashed and died during filming.” Read more

Feb 25 2020

Neither is factually incorrect because that’s not how language works. Neither common pronunciation of “caramel” is the “correct” one, same goes for GIF. All the “evidence” supporting one pronunciation over the other is meaningless: creator intent doesn’t matter because all living languages evolve, what the letters Read more

Feb 19 2020

I know all things Louie are in exile right now but he was great in the episode where he played Louie’s neighbor and his sister was having a medical emergency. 

Jan 10 2020

Absolutely nothing that Obi-Wan does in Star Wars makes a lick of sense if Lucas had the plot of Empire Strikes Back already written out in detail, doubly so if you posit that Return of the Jedi was already plotted, and if you stipulate that the prequels were prewritten at that point it reaches the level of insanity: Read more

Dec 27 2019

Tony Burton as Creed’s trainer (and later sort of Rocky’s) never got a lot to do, but he was SO good with what they gave him. Just utterly believable and watchable.

Dec 18 2019

Emilia severely cutting back on the nude scenes (and really, all of the GT leads) once she had power proves your point.  For the most part these actors do these nude scenes because they feel like they have to.  It’s an unwanted part of the job.

Dec 16 2019

I’m no fitness guru, but I’m thinking the Nanjiani in the photo is not the current day-to-day fit Nanjiani he is now, that’s the dehydrated-for-days, just-worked-out-so-veins-are-popping fit Nanjiani. It’s enough to be jealous over, but people should know nobody really looks like that day-to-day.

Dec 15 2019

Whoever it was in previous discussions that called Veidt being in the statue, good work. I thought it was so far out of left field at the time that it couldn’t possibly be true.

Dec 15 2019

The institutional problem with SNL is not the issue of a live show and guest hosts. Late night shows pump out similar amounts of humor involving topical stuff on incredibly tight deadlines using guest bits. Colbert or Conan is not the same as SNL, of course, but the institutional challenges of putting out their shows Read more