Steve Wozniak
Mar 17 2017

This headline is so misleading and it’s so, so shameful of you to frame the situation like this. The GIF caused him a seizure. He’s epileptic. Yes, that is assault when you do something with the intent of hurting someone else, whether it’s just a GIF. That troll put him in danger knowingly. Epileptic seizures are Read more

May 7 2015

Can we please welcome Edward Snowden home now? Doesn’t he deserves at least a presidential pardon by now?

Oct 9 2014

Sounds interesting to me. If the projector/subwoofer works well, it could end up turning another otherwise unremarkable tablet into something new and noteworthy. Lay off the man.

Sep 11 2014

I say it's time he built the next gen blue box and fix this the old fashioned way.

Sep 11 2014

During my calls, I sketch a flow chart of the department and reps name as I am transferred from one to the other to another and usually back to the first one, listing the time of each conversaion and diagramming it all. It makes for something to do while you are continually on hold and being transferred. I had one Read more

Sep 11 2014

It's payback for all of your "phone phreaking" back in the day. They've got you on a black list ;)

Jul 16 2014

Yeah he seems like a really cool guy who's actually interested in helping further society. If only the world had more billionaires like him that were interested in bettering humanity and not just invested in changing the tax code to benefit their own interests and bottom line.

Jul 14 2014

Pi2 could be named Tau 😉

Jul 12 2014

In the music world, we look at the great composers like Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Stravinsky, and others, and wonder where we would be if those composers had not lived. It's impossible to say, but it's entirely possible that others would have been there to take their place. Things might be slightly different, but I Read more

Jul 12 2014

1. Sleep is not always the best choice on a flight. If your flight is landing at 6 in the evening in a vastly different time zone , sleeping in the flight is practically guaranteed to lock you into jetlag hell. It is a lot easier to just ironman it and stay up 24-30 hrs than to force yourself to sleep in an Read more

Jul 12 2014

Yep, same here. Right after takeoff I'm usually asleep, and unless it's a long transatlantic, I'll usually sleep for the duration of the flight. I think the noise and the vibration has a lot to do with it, as does the fact that I've been flying since I was a month old. It's just second nature to sleep on planes.

Jul 12 2014

Maybe I am the only one but airplanes completely knock me out, I guess it is the sound and vibration but within a few minutes of taking off I can barely keep my eyes open and I will often be awakened when the wheels hit the ground. I will even sleep through 90%+ of a long international flight.

Jun 26 2014

And if everyone uses this Math to choose the same toilet?

May 29 2014

Funny how Liberals always claim that they are the "true science guys" and conservatives are the "anti-science guys" ... The Alar Apple Scare, the pink slime scare, Vaccine Hysteria, The Organic "Whole foods" scam, emptying a water reservoir because a kid took a piss, the anti-nuclear hysteria Read more

Mar 27 2014

The correct answer is Joey fucking Slotnick

Mar 23 2014

The thing is, some of those satellite pictures are from birds that don't have high-resolution cameras installed on them. Even if the Southern Indian Ocean holds little strategic interest, the spy satellites that are capable of taking high-resolution photos of golf balls can easily be trained to that patch of ocean to Read more

Sep 6 2013

Best article ever.