11:23 AM

This letter was so eloquently written, obviously by a man w/ an amazingly gentle perspective & respect for life. I was impressed to say the least by the grammar & wonderfully constructed sentences & calmness while explaining the realities of the case & giving real insight. I only address this, not because if it hadn’t Read more

3:47 PM

I'm so sorry that, even as adults, some of us are still able to appreciate and respect the things that brought us joy as children, Kara. Read more

7:30 PM

Steven — You are truly my hero. Your letter was the first time I heard another victim's family member talk so openly about the topic. My father was murdered sixteen years ago. I identified with so many of your feelings. And it made me understand some of what I going through too, as I approached the execution of my Read more

1:20 PM

Thanks for your response Steven. I hope my comment didn't seem harsh/ unfeeling; I have no idea how my emotions would take over if someone murdered my sister. Knowing that she doesn't support the death penalty either would probably make my position a lot easier. But who knows if I could stick to it still? What I'm Read more

12:12 PM

As someone who also had a family member murdered, and whose murderer also received the death penalty, I echo your sentiments. I am against the death penalty, but be it cognitive dissonance or not, I also don't regret the assailants passing or even spend my time thinking about it.

12:09 PM

I understand where you're coming from. But consider this: Mr. Alejandro says up there that he felt compelled to write this letter because the killer's letter was aired on Gawker. Can you imagine? If you'd been put through what he's been put through, only to see your brother's killer being given a forum to spout Read more

11:45 AM

I'm glad Gawker decided to print this. When they began the Letters from Death Row series, my misgiving was that it provided an unfiltered megaphone to the people who committed the crimes, but made no sort of attempt to fact-check what they said or seek an alternative perspective. I think at a minimum, when Gawker asks Read more

11:40 AM

Just like they say "there are no atheists in foxholes", I always wondered if family members of murder victims ever opposed the death penalty. Your letter sheds a unique and heartbreaking light on the subject. Thank you.

11:39 AM

I'd like to echo the sentiments of others here and thank you for writing that. What a horrible situation, I'm so sorry for your loss. Read more

11:33 AM

You should not be opposed to the death penalty. It is well deserved and overdue. The doubt should only be allowed in when the case is weak, unlike this one. Read more

11:12 AM

Your strength is remarkable. I applaud your honesty and can appreciate the fact that you will never read Ray's statement. People often say what they won't do until it happens to them and you expressed that vividly in your response to the comments. I don't feel the need to tell you what the letter said, I'm sure you've Read more

10:56 AM

Ah. This account sheds a different light on Jasper's (admittedly articulate) letter, I wondered why he didn't go into the specifics.

10:17 AM

Not that it matters, but I'm so so sorry for your loss.