We should be rioting in the streets. We should be setting fire to luxury condo towers. We should be killing the rich. The fact that we’re just sitting here after being given proof that the rich do not pay taxes is the biggest sign yet that this republic and society are doomed.

I have yet to see it explained anywhere how we replace it though. Our electrical grid is already over-taxed. Where are we getting the power for all the new, electric-only homes and businesses? Do the gas-ban bills include even greater subsidies for solar/geothermal/etc including making sure their installation is legal Read more

Given the trajectory of 4k TV/content adoption, this thing will start to be somewhat useful and justified somewhere around 2028.

If you build out your infrastructure in a single region with no other type of redundancy, then it is really your own fault when something like this happens.


“My daily commute is 600 miles each way through rocky terrain that requires a foot of ground clearance and also I need to haul two motorcycles everywhere I go. I live in a remote area of the Yukon Territories and there is no electricity near me. This is why EVs are useless and no one should care about them until they Read more

Or you could just slow the fuck down when approaching an intersection with obviously-poor visibility. Have you driven through farm country? It’s mostly just endless straight roads with occasional intersections. Just use the left pedal every once in a while, jeez. Read more

I grew up living in and driving through corn country.  Farmers generally leave space between roads and the fields for drainage, which is more than enough to see if someone is coming down the road.  This sounds more like a problem of people not seeing and obeying stop signs, which is more of a problem of grid based Read more

I fail to see how recruiting on Twitch is different than a TV ad. Military recruitment of any kind is always misleading (or, at the very best sugar coating), as “try not to get shot for a couple years and we’ll pay you less than minimum wage, and maybe cover your tuition” isn’t going to get it done.

In all seriousness how is this significantly different from the 2018 Silverado other than the screen size?

Voting is for citizens only. Join the mobile infantry and save the world. Service guarantees citizenship.
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Empty highways mean its a great time for the Italian Tune Up 

If people want to get in on it, Folding @ Home is researching the coronavirus and could use some CPU cycles.

Let us also not forger the greatest Canadian export since Canadian Bacon: